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Gravity Bong

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Gag On Grass, May 20, 2006.

  1. i was wondering what i could use to put in the cap for a gravity bong, because i can't find any small tubes, so any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. aluminum foil. make a bowl out of it with little tiny holes in the bottom so you can light the top and the smoke can go into the bottle as you pull it up to fill the chamber.
  3. Not to good for the lungs though............
  4. the aluminum foil or the pot? :p If i was worried bout my lungs i wouldn't be smokin to begin with, thanks for the concern though ;)
  5. use a damn socket... and cut a hole in the cap from the bottle.. and smoke the shit.. get a socket around 5/16 size...
  6. i know a socket is the usual tool, but i don't have any. Strangley i saw one randomly in my drive way the other day, maybe should have picked it up, all though it was probably too big anyway, but more weed i suppose if so :p
  7. my gravity bong consists of:

    (1) small trash can from wal-mart - $3.99
    (1) 2 liter pepsi bottle - found in fridge
    (1) 3/16th" socket

    drill out the cap of the pepsi bottle and jam that socket in it, cu off the bottom of the bottle, fill the trash can with water to appropriate level, *poof* you now have a portable gravity bong. ill post a pic of it if you want.
  8. you can't buy a metal bowl piece from a headshop?

    thats what me and my friends always use.

    alternative question, has anyone ever successfully filtered the smoke as well in a GB?
    I tried to make an extended stem piece in a waterfall style GB, but it didn't work too well.
  9. when i build cheap assgavity bongs i cut of the bottom of a 2 liter bottle then drill a hole in the cap and squeeze a socket from a small socket wrench in it like 1/8" or sumthing then pack that as a bowl. it is the most useful bowlfor homemade pipes i always keep one in my car.
  10. sockets are what i use for all my bowls.

    but besides that, gbongs are my most common way to smoke. then blunts, then bongs. lo
  11. I usually just cut a hole into the cap and drop in a slide from a bong (not GoG).
  12. this is my preferred method as well. we took the cap to the mountain dew bottle we used for our iron lung, melted a hole in it then dropped the slide right down in it. works great.
  13. thats the exact method my friends and I use when we decide to beat up our lungs
  14. Whoops, double post. Sorry.
  15. You can use a chillum. That's what I do, and it works perfectly.

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