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Gravity Bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by killjoy121, May 20, 2010.

  1. I see a lot of different gravity bongs, using big two liter bottles with holes drilled in the cap and stuff like that, but I thought, could a smaller bottle be used, like just a regular water bottle, and could aluminum foil be used for the bowl portion? Just started smokin not to long ago btw
  2. guess you could use the smaller bottle might not be as good, you wont get as much smoke which is the point of a gravity bong. the aluminum foil will be shitty cant c it pulling through to well a proper cone piece will be much better. if you cant get a cone piece try using a coke can you can make a decent piece out of them.
  3. You can use a smaller bottle, I've used Vitamin Water bottles just fine.

    Avoid using tinfoil however, it releases toxic chemicals that can be harmful. You can get away with it a few times, but I would avoid it altogether.
  4. you can (but i dont really recommend) using foil as long as you burn it with a lighter before using it to release fumes. The size doesnt matter it just changes the size of the hit so you could use like a water bottle or soda bottle instead
  5. If your going to make a gravity bong might as well go all out right? Sure you could make a small one but that kind of defeats the point of a gravity bong but I suppose you could try it out and see how it works for you.

    Please don't use tin foil, a lot of people do because it's readily available but it isn't the best of things to be inhaling fumes from. I would suggest getting a glass bowl or something glass you could use as one.

    Be sure to post some pics of your mini gravity bong if you decide to make it ^_^
  6. Best gravity bong i've ever used are those glass sobe bottles. they're getting rid of them now I think but if you use a screw driver to get a hole in the cap and then also at the bottom of the bottle where that little dip is then your set.

    For the bowl in the cap I'd say use a socket set. That way you can vary the size of the bowl by using different sockets in other caps. It is a way nice high without any heat at all for me.
  7. Don't use any of that shit, just do as follows, super cheap ans its a lot safer

    -Get a Bucket
    -Get a Gallon Water Bottle(Milk container, etc, whatever basically)
    -Fill up the bucket with water
    -Cut off the bottom of the container, so water can get into it
    -Put it in the water (discard the cap)
    -get a papertowel
    -fold it and get it very slightly damp
    -make holes in the middle of it, small enough so air can get in, and not so big your weed falls through
    -set the cloth over the cap hole, set your weed ontop of the holes, light your lighter, and pull yp
    -carefully hold your weed without dropping any of it and move down and inhale

    *very easy to discard of, or just take a part and make it look not as conspicuous

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