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Gravity Bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mdzthatsme, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. k. i am using a gravity bong for the first time this weekend. i am pretty stoked. but. i have some questions.
    1. should we use a 3 liter or a 2 liter (we have both)
    2. we were thinking about using the hotub as the water source. it would be sweet cause it has color changer shit. but, is it bad to use water that hot?
    3. i have two different socket wrench pieces. a 3/16 and a 4mm. the 4mm is a smaller hole, but a bit deeper. which one should i use in the cap?
    4. how slow or fast should i raise the bottle when i light the weed?

    sorry for all the questions guys. i just don't want to screw this up. i want to be blown sky high off this dank. :smoke:
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    1: 3 Liter. The whole point of a gravity bong (conserving weed and getting huge rips) is to burn and take in as much smoke as possible. I own a 3 liter, and many people I know own larger ones; they don't produce too much smoke as long as you've been smoking for at least a month.

    2: I wouldn't use a hottub, simply because I don't recommend hot hits. Also, if you end up sucking in some water (which you will inevitably do your first time) which tastes nasty. Furthermore, the fumes might make the smoke taste bad, and that always sucks.

    3: I don't have anything to reference now, but I use a bit thats about a half inch across (total, not the whole). As long as the intake hole isn't big enough to allow a lot of little nugs and shake through, then I'd say go with the bigger one.

    4. You should raise the bottle relatively slowly. It should take you about 15 seconds or longer to get a good hit. As long as the bud is ripping good, you should have good results. It's hard to give you a specific speed, because every weed and person is different. Experiment, see how long it takes you to rip through the entire bowl (which is ideal).

    In the end, you should be good to go in any situation as long as you have somebody who's done it before. It's a hard thing to grasp as a complete newby, but learning how to use a gravity bong is simple, and gets you high as shit. Enjoy dude.

    ADDITION: Remember, when you get ready to take the cap off, get your face next to the tip of the bottle. If you've gotten a good rip from it, smoke should almost burst from the bottle when opened. If you're concerned about smell (college, home, etc), you want to contain that smoke as much as possible. Plus, you'll get a bigger hit that way. A thing I learned that helps is to leave a little "lift" left in the bottle so that once you open the cap, you lift at the same time to keep the smoke going in the bottle until you can position yourself.
  3. 1. Doesn't really matter. I'd go for the larger one.
    2. It won't be "bad" to use water that hot. It, too, doesn't make much of a difference. Many people prefer cold water, but don't worry about it, you'll get baked either way.
    3. In my experience, socket wrenches are inconveniently deep so I'm going to recommend the shallower one because the bowl should be a decent size anyways. You should also be using a screen with the socket wrenches so hole size shouldn't matter (can be conveniently found under many sink heads if you don't want to other getting proper screens). I don't know exactly how big a 3/16 is vs a 4mm, but as long as you can get the flame to hit the bud, you're prime.
    4. You're going to be raising the bottle a lot slower than you may expect. Watch for a good thick smoke filling the bottle thoroughly as you're slowly AND steadily raising the bottle.
  4. 1) The bigger the better, but for first timers I would do a 2 liter simply because your lungs can only hold about 2L of air so it makes it a lot simpler. Me and my buddy had a 1 gallon GB and we had to take 3 or 4 MASSIVE hits to clear it one time. We also had a HUUUUGE bowl on it (held upwards of 2 grams)
    2) Hottub isn't a great idea. The main reason people use water is to cool the smoke and if you're using hot water it will be just that; hot. Also you wouldn't believe how much ash and weed gets in the water, so unless you plan on completely draining the water after your sesh then I would just do it in a bath tub or with another larger bottle.
    3) Whichever holds the most weed :D
    4) Raise it slowly. The objective is to get the smoke as milky-white as possible. You'll get the hang of it.
    5) Have a sweet time, it's gonna be bangin as long as you do it right
  5. thanks guys.

    wont use the hot tub. just thought that would be pretty epic

    gonna make ready both the 2 liter and 3 liter. see which one we like.
    and then.
    i am gonna get high.
    hellz to the yeah.
  6. Sounds stupid, but when you hit it be sure to go slow. I got a little ambitious and got a little water in there.
  7. Dude, you're gonna love your gravity bong! It's the BEST high!

    Try using this for the bowl:

    I got one and now I swear by it and gravity bongs. It makes the hardest part of building a gravity bong so f-ing easy. Just pop it in the mouth and light! I do recommend grinding the weed first to get a good, creamy pull. When I was in Amsterdam, they said using a bigger container is weaker because you have more air. But I've been using a 2Liter and it's been bomb...if you can find a container with a wider mouth though, I find that to be a bit smoother. Let me know how the hot tub thing works. I was just asking how it goes with a hot tub. I don't have one so I want to know if it's worth finding someone who does to try a pull.
  8. sounds pretty sweet. i might make me a gravity bong to use when i smoke by "the cave" me and my friends secret river in the woods lolz
  9. Let me put it this way...

    The first time I was ever able to get high was with a homemade gravity bong out of a gatorade container and a bowl screwed into the lid back in college. Since then, I've been through bongs, joints and even a blunt stage (that burned through major $$$ buying weed), but ever since I picked up the bc chillum for gravity bongs, I take it to parties all the time and it makes building a gravity bong out of any bottle so easy. It's also easily the most efficient way to make your weed last forever since you only need a little, and you're basically shotgunning it into your mouth so it goes straight into your lungs to your head for the longest, best high, like half of what you would put into a normal bong will give you a good 5-6 hour space trip. I still love a good joint, but I've definitely gone old least while money's tight and the weed's gotta last! I've heard good things about pulling out of a swimming pool so I bet a nice cool creek or a lake would be bomb! Waiting for the weather to warm up.
  10. yeah ill post back on here and tell how all goes. i will at least try the hot tub thing once, just to say i did. well i already made the cap with the piece in it and it seems pretty airtight, so i am good for now.

    will report back on how good the 2 liter is compared to the 3 liter. use one one night and the other another night this weekend.
  11. Gravity bongs get me RIPPED!
  12. I recently got one too but I am not in love with it. Are you using it with a glass or plastic bottle? I have been using plastic and no matter how much I clean it the smoke always tastes like plastic. Also, I noticed the rubber stopper leaves a weird residue and taste on the mouth of the bottle but maybe that goes away if you keep using it and washing it.
  13. After numerous GB's I find that they are
    1. the best way to conserve pot, one hit or quitter if made right.
    2. easy to make out of anything around the house.
    3. Can be manipulated each time you make a new one.

    My personal GB creation is a
    ~ Pitcher big enough to hold a 2L bottle
    ~ Coca-Cola 2L on sale 2 for a $1
    ~ A beer pong ball (table tennis ball)
    ~ The bowl piece from bong, (I have a pretty good thick bowl piece I use)

    Cut just the legs off the 2L bottle
    Cut a slit in the bottle, about half way across, folding the plastic back into the bottle
    Put the beer pong ball in the 2L bottle
    Submerge the bottle in the pitcher, watch the ball rise to the top, put the bowl piece on top, pull up slowly and with this you have to inhale the GB like you're pulling on a regular bong.

    `The pitcher is small enough to be passed around but big enough to get you a lot of smoke, size of bottle doesn't matter you just get more condensed smoke.
    `I doubt you can clear the 2L if you've pulled the smoke properly and made it thick.
    `The beer pong ball will stop you from sucking up the water
    `The bowl piece should be one you would find on a glass on glass bong.
    `The pegs missing from the bottle and slit makes for more suction in the bottle pulling harder on the flame over the weed.
    Stay high peace
  14. alright, so last night was the night. unfortunately the gravity bong didn't work. :( we used the 3 liter and a bucket. we used the 3 cause we didn't have a 2. i don't really know why it didn't work, thanks anyways guys.
    but. have no fear
    we used my friends waterfall instead. had a 2 liter and a cap and bowl already made. worked very well!

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