gravity bong. wicked?

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  1. so theres this thing called a gravity bong right?

    well its pretty easy to make but it'll get you STONED!!
    theyre my favorite thing to smoke out of for sho...
    it serves so much weed and pulls one bowl into one huge hit and you can get pulverized with just one rip.
    putting a blunt in he bowl is cool too cuz you get multiple hits.
    i even have the bottle and bucket in my car.

    many a times i has seen rips pulled from mine that were thick clouds of pure yellow smoke.

    well one night i was at a friends house and this friend took a rip... her second time smoking.... and nearly passed out cold.

    my first G.B. hit.... oh man.
    some dank ass nug pulled into a killer rip.
    well i took one hit and left to drve someone home.
    i made it to the stoplight around the corner... and BAM!

    i think i forgot my name that night.

    im pretty sure i though i was an alien or somehing..

    the next night a friend of mine took about 4 rips... just with some shwag...
    poor dude layed in the fetal psition in the front yard by the boat trailer for hours.

    the next weekend....
    took it to the beach and took rips in the middle of the beach at like 1 in the afternoon and used gulf water for bong water....

    wouldnt advise that unless you have a craving for saty smoke.

    Got any good G.B. stories or pics?
  2. gravity bongs are quite the device indeed. they surely succeed in laying you on your ass. ^^
  3. Yo. What did you make your bowl with?
    I used a 5/16th socket, is that too big? I know some people use 3/16ths...
  4. hmm, if you have screens i don't think the socket size rly matters as long as it fits.
  5. best way to make one is with a sobe bottle. no doubt.
  6. Well I know some people use smaller size sockets just to conserve more weed. Also, I dont have a screen =[
  7. I prefer the waterfall over the gravity bong. I think the waterfall is easier to handle, and I think it allows for a smoother hit. Also it is much easier to make a glass waterfall than it would be to attempt a glass gravity bong.
  8. Yup. It is even claim on a High Times magazine that they were made to be a g-bong because there is a little dent on the bottom of the sobe bottle so that you can pop a hole in it easily.. :smoke:
  9. lol the waterfall that I'm thinking of is a g-bong dude..

    (a 2 liter filled up with water with a smaller bottle that has a cap with a socket for a bowl :smoke: )

  10. Indeed. Nearly every bottle I own has a hole in it. I just got finished earlier today actually making a new waterfall out of bowl and a plastic straw. It hits so good now man. :smoke:

    thats a site for making g bong and bong and hookah i think. pretty cool, but dunno if im aloud to post that here...

    im deff gonna try the bucket one tomorrow. if you looked at that, the first g bong, does that involve no water? thanks
  12. Gravity bongs are pretty sweet every once in a while, but they waste too much weed for me to use daily :D

    I do love them still though
  13. :eek:OMG at that last one!!! that thing looks so intense!
  14. Gravity bongs are pretty awesome
    I don't use them daily though
    Way too much smoke at once
    Gets me destroyed but all that smoke in one hit gets me a little claustrophobic haha

  15. Yo. I dont know how to use the waterfall, do you just like let go of the carb hole at the bottom of the 2 liter bottle? I did that, the smoke was not as creamy white/yellow, barely got a hit.

    Maybe I did it wrong?
  16. I remember my first gravity. It was out of a 2liter bottle and there was a little bit of tobacco mixed in (god knows why). I took maybe 1/8 of the bottle and then blew out the smoke i had taken in immediately and spent the next 5-10minutes coughing my lungs out. I took three more and passed out for the next 4-5hours

    gotta love the gravities +rep op
  17. Your probably making the bowl piece on it too big then. The whole point of gravity bongs is to conserve weed while getting the biggest hit possible.
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    How do they WASTE too much weed? They are more efficient.

    Whats the size of your bowl? like friggin one inch?!
    My god.

    Yo, lets continue this topic, I love discussing about my favorite way to smoke!
  19. yea man, imo they hit too hard to enjoy, i love GB dont get me wrong, but they knock you the fuck out cause its just so much forced in your lungs at once...fuck im baked cant remember what else i wanted to say.

  20. GBs are if you want to get high. Joints and blunts are if you want to relax and chill and smoke out. GBs are just one huge hit to get high LOL.

    I smoked out of a gravity bong my 3rd time smoking, so I am very fortunate. It is a much better alternative to one of those bic pen aluminum bongs!

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