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Gravity bong virgin gets three gravity bowls of AK-47, these are the results. (video)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Chronicdruguser, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. #1 Chronicdruguser, Nov 16, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 17, 2011
    found out my friend was a g bong virgin, so we shoved three bowls of AK-47 into him from the gravity... this is what he talked about for three hours, ridiculous...
    [ame=]Alex Sherry-THE KING OF STUPID - YouTube[/ame]

    "making left turns, and eating pudding"
  2. he must have been on some unmentionables, cracked out for days.
  3. #3 fucking baked, Nov 16, 2011
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    believe it or not i did the same thing the first time i actually got high (smoked a few times before, got a little body buzz once i think) i got HOOKED UP on some ak47 cause the dude knew i was new to blazing and i was a little kid so he thoght it would be cool. i wish i could meet people like that now days. long story short i broke all of it up and kept it in this little baggy for a while cause i couldnt get a lighter. eventually me and my buddy endded up smoked the whole damn bag cause we were noobs and we thought thats what you were supposed to do. this shit was some creeeper weed i guess so the next ten minutes consisted of us saying "wowww thats such bullshit he sold me oregano im not feeling it".... we felt it and i went on a fucking acid trip from weed.

    ps: the shit smelled my whole drawer up of skunk through a thick bag :)

    it funny cause i was talking in the exact same way and voice about fucking nonsense. everything looked flat like i was in a pop up book
  4. lol now the g-bong is his favorite piece, he has one in his car now...
  5. Wow, that guy was really baked.

    I smoked my cousin out his first time with a gbong. He was so high, he told me he was going to sit on my futon and think about life. And he did, for two and a half hours until the fucker raided my fridge of all the good stuff.
  6. Not a washer, A DRYER!
  7. when he whipped out that yard stick he tripped me out, the fuck did that come from ahahh. i used to be somewhat like this, not this retarded but ive said some pretty weird things in my day :smoke:

    when my friend got high for the first time, he turns to me with his eyes closed and says "my energy.. the blue one.. is like, colliding with your energy... its.. red.. and its making the brand new path." all while gesturing with his hands. he was one high ass muffucka :D
  8. lol i liked this too.
  9. this actually has some meaning to me cause ive been there and this brought me a lot of nostalgia
  10. lol the fucking garlic seasoning... and 4lbs of butter...
  11. i dont even want to know what he wants to do with that ruler
  12. haha! classic ending - "what were we talking about?" :bongin:

  13. Hahaha, I loved that.
  14. loved the what we talking about at the end lol
  15. I just discovered the beauty of gravity bongs. I made one out of a water bottle and those big coffee mugs.
  16. wow, got another video of him today, this ones even more stupid...
  17. haha, he was so baked. Funny shit yo. :]

    I've never smoked out of a gravity bong before but I think I'll make one tonight.
  18. wow, now he thinks hes so fucking inspirational... hes high as fuck again...
  19. bump, sorry lol
  20. wow this is not even half of how funny other footage i have of him is...

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