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Gravity bong question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 2fly4YoAzz, May 9, 2011.

  1. I'm making a gravity bong for this weekend, I know how to cut off the two liter and that jazz, BUT I'm using 3/16 socket for the "bowl" there is a little hole in it. Here's my question, do I need to use something to cover it up like wire mesh, or should I not even worry about?

  2. Yes use gauze if you have any, or tinfoil with pin holes in it
  3. Definitely the gauze, tin foil will give off harmful toxins if exposed to large amounts of heat - which it will be and I would rather not inhale that... :p
  4. well if your using the size im thinking of (the one that looks the most perfect for a little grav bowl in your dad's tool kit) then i used to not use a screen at all, just crammed some but in there and after a couple rips it had rezzed over enough that it wasn't a problem
  5. yeah 3/16 is perfect i doubt your going to need a screen.. that shit'll get clogged real quick
  6. You don't need anything FOR SURE. 3/16 is tiny, just pack the first few bowls big to get some ash in there and your good.

    I use the biggest socket in the set I have for a bowl and there is no need to use anything unless your weed is extremely dry and ground up very fine.

    if anything, use a screen, very cheap.

    Grav bong smoker of 5 years.
  7. i use a 3/4 for my grav bong and never used a screen... i doubt youll lose much with a 3/16...
  8. you probably won't lose anything. I didnt put a screen over the hole on mine and i've never seen any weed fall through
  9. Just use a gravitoke, they are like ten bucks
  10. Ive never heard of those, but on their site it says they only ship to cali, garbage.

    Still awesome though.
  11. Don't use foil like LocarnoBallroom said, it's sooo fukkin bad for you.
    Not that I haven't had my share of ghetto can sessions but seriously brah, do yourself a favour and use gauze. Have fun though, g bongs are where it's at.
  12. 3/16 is deff too small!!! use a 3/8 7/16 or a 1/2, but the first two are better.

    My favorite way of making a gravity bong is just cutting a hole in the cap and shoving tin foil in there. It is easier and it seals up better than having to dick around with the socket.

    If you do use the socket, heat it up until you can burn through the cap, that way you will get a good flush fit with minimal leak by. .

    & what the fuck is everyone talking about gauze for? that shit is made of cotton last time I checked?
  13. Yeah I don't know what people are talking about with the gauze either, can't that shit catch fire?
    Tin foil is not the way to go either. Inhaling some nice chemicals with that.
  14. It's never gone ablaze, I've used it several times. If you're worried you could just wet it.
  15. Hell yea that shit burns, ever light those strings on denim,(cotton) jeans haha? Ur right, but the foil is pretty much toast after a few hits, after that it's mostly resin holding the bowl together. . a ceramic trinket piece like a doll thimble or some shit would be the optimal candidate!
  16. bitchin. i never thought to use a socket for my grav bong. what better use for an imperial scaled tool.
  17. Socket's been trick of the trade forever, 123 go.

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