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Gravity Bong question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by getrdune, May 2, 2011.

  1. I would like to make a gravity bong, however I'm not sure if I have anything to make a bowl out of for the cap. Would it work if I just rolled a joint and fit that into the cap tightly?
  2. the joint idea is retarded, just use some tin foil, one time isnt going to kill you just dont do it often.

    btw why dont you just smoke a joint?
  3. no just get a wrench socket, small or big it doesnt matter but i prefer small
  4. or just buy a cheap metal piece with a removable bowl

  5. Sooooooo dear mr. "tin foil will kill you if you use it to often" tell me why do you use tinfoil for shisha? ;)
  6. Tinfoil is used for hookah's because it's cheap and dissipates heat very effectively. Also, he wasn't saying tin foil would kill him, he was just stating that it's not really the best substance to be inhaling, which I'd agree with.
  7. Well but there is this rumor that smoking thru tinfoil causes alzheimer and I've never found a trustworthy sauce...
  8. That could be true, hence why I said I'd avoid it. Anyway we're getting off topic.
  9. tin foil does nothing except make your smoke taste like shit. it will always be a last resort, but smoking out of it has no harms. the melting point for tin foil is much greater than the temperature of a standard bic lighter, so no aluminum gases are released when smoking out of it. people cook things with aluminum all the time too.
  10. Tin and aluminum are different

    OP, as someone else has previously mentioned, get a socket and fit a screen in. It works wonders! :hello:

  11. Word.

  12. Tin foil is just another name for aluminum foil...
  13. yep wrench socket and is what you can do is save the bottle cap you put the socket in with your pipes then when ever you want to do grav hits you just gotta cut a new 2 liter
  14. If you can't get a bowl, just use a socket which you can get at a hardware store. Or get a metal pen and unscrew the top part to use that as your bowl.
  15. Just use a gravitoke. They are cheap gravity bong pieces

  16. So therefore, you conclude that the element Tin (symbol: Sn) is the same as Aluminum (symbol: Al)?

    they are not the same thing. aluminum foil replaced tin foil because the metal Aluminum is cheaper than tin. and more readily available.
  17. and car is just another name for truck.

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