Gravity bong horrible first time.

Discussion in 'General' started by TheFxckingHero, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Alright, so I made my first gravity bong (which works incredibly well) a week or two ago and played around with it with some salvia just to see how well it worked, since I had no pot at the time. then a few days later... Sunday my friend Mandi comes over and brings some mids and we decide to smoke out of the gravity bong. The bowl is a small metal socket. The container is a large almost 3 liter apple juice bottle. Anyways, I forced myself to clear the chamber on 3 of the tiny bowls, and I very quickly got very fucked up. That was probably the fastest I've gotten that high.

    It was great at first, but soon after I got one of the worst fucking headaches I've ever had. This drove me crazy, because I used to get intense headaches as a kid, and I can't stand them. I tried to sleep it off, and when I closed my eyes I kept seeing very vivid moving geometric patterns. It wasn't very detailed full color images or anything, more like outlines in a neon/static kind of color. First time I've ever seen anything like that from smoking pot. I couldn't enjoy it though, because of the headache was was now causing nausea.

    The headache lasted the next 7 hours. I couldn't get anything done because I felt like my head was going to explode... similar to a really bad hangover after a night of drinking way too much liquor. Anyways, that's my story. I'm kinda wondering why I was seeing patterns like that with my eyes closed, as that's never happened to me before. Maybe something else was in the weed. I don't think so, but who knows... I probably would have enjoyed it, if the movement of them hadn't been making me more nauseous. meh.

    anybody else get bad headaches or see shit from hitting gravity bongs? I like how effective it is for amount of weed used and how quickly it can get you blazed, but I don't want to deal with a headache like that again.
  2. I'd guess it was the weed. Bad weed sometimes gives people headaches.
  3. that sounds horrible. maybe next time only do 1 or 2 grav hits then switch to a pipe or joint

    the first (and only) time i've ever hit off a grav bong i did one hit of dank and 1 hit of regs. the next 3 hours i barely remember. we drove around, went to a head shop, did some other things, and i hardly remember any of it. i couldnt feel the pedals very well when i finally drove home. i got home and avoided my family saying i felt bad and passed out (6ish). woke up at like 3AM with the worst headache of my life. i had to take medicine and it was a half hour of me in bed holding my head till i passed back out. the next day my parents asked if i came home drunk lol
  4. that sounds awful bro

    gravity bongs are my favorite way to smoke. I use a cheap glass slide i bought from the local headshop and just cut a whole about as big as the slide and fit the slide into the cap of the top of the container(there is a rubber ring around it so it seals nicely usually)

    We tend to use gallon Tradewinds Green Tea jugs cuz me and the dude i smoke with the most drink that stuff all the time. Filling the whole bottle cashes the bowl each time and one hit will give you a giggly high for a good 3-4 hours

    sorry to hear your experiences with (IMO) the best smoking object ever werent good
  5. lol. nice. I'm hoping I don't get a headache next time.:(
  6. Oh, Tokin, I totally agree about it being the best tool for smoking. The most efficient way to conserve your weed, definitely. Maybe the weed was just total shit, or I did too much too quickly or something. I definitely am not letting my bad experience this one time stop me from using it again. lol :smoking:
  7. the only weed that gives me a headache is lower quality weed. Smoking a lot really fast just gets me super stoned, sometimes i get kinda dizzy but then i just lay down and let my mind take off to a different world, no headaches here
  8. hmm think there could be some salvia resin or something in there? not enough to send u trippin but enough to see little shit and give you a headache...

    its like shrooms. if you dont do enough to trip you end up just seeing small things "breathe" and u get nausious(sp).
  9. It could have been just shitty pot. when ever I smoke questionable bud i usually end up with a headache instead of a hign.:mad:
  10. bad weed always gives me a headache a few hours after I smoke it. Like if I smoke a shitload I get a terrible headache afterwards, best thing to do is sleep it off.

    Or start smoking better weed, I don't think it was the gravity bong I just think you smoke alot of shwag and it fucked with your head
  11. I actually passed out the first time i smoked buckets.

    That and i sucked up a mouthfull of bong water (EUUUGH)

    So i feel your pain, buddy.
  12. lol, nice. no oxygen to the brain. I haven't sucked up any water though. hopefully that never happens. :p

  13. salvia is either cashed or a bunch is still left in there due to him not being able to take it all. in either case it could be the salvia (i wouldnt know i use a separate bowl for my salvia) or it could be bad mids
  14. It could have been contaminated pot (chemical, mold). I would just smoke a normal bowl of it and see how it goes, if you get a headache ditch the pot.
  15. My first time with a Gbong, I took one rip, and was nice and stoned, didnt do more because I was where I wanted to be. My friend came over, so i packed him a FAT bowl, and milked the whole thing, the smoke was that yellow color, he had to clear it in 2 hits cuz he said it was so huge. I had never seen that kid so faded.
    And my one other friend was there, this guy deals so he has the highest tolerance of anyone i know, i had never been with him faded, cuz we never had enough weed to get him faded. Well anyway after 3 rips this dude was BAKED. He told us he kept seeing seethru yellow bubbles popping. :bongin:
  16. leb... thats great and all but it has nothing to do with the thread lol

    blazed bastard lmfao
  17. My gravity bong has been all I've been smoking lately since my bong got stolen, never had any trouble. If it is a plastic bottle or if it has a tin foil gauze that can be toxic, but it shudnt be the method of smoking thats bad
  18. that happend to me once at a friends.

    a bunch of people threw in. my head was throbbing so hard all night. I couldn't stand it at all so I was gonna goto bed. the pain was so bad I couldn't.

    it sucked so much :(

  19. Lol it mustve been a stoned moment, cuz i dont remember writing that :smoking:
  20. lol yeah i thought it was pretty funny...

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