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Gravity bong high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Darkstar298, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. I just made a gravity bong out of a cheap 16.9 oz water bottle. I used a 1/4 socket, packed it with some kind of purple bud ( not sure of the exact kind) and only took one hit, and cleared it in that one hit. I also coughed my brains out. I haven't smoked much so I haven't gotten to feel many effects but this time WOW I did. My eyes were red in seconds. My legs kept twitching and everything felt like it was in slow motion. I couldn't complete thoughts or sentences. So my question is, how high was I really? Like is that just a little? Or is that pretty stoned? It doesn't seem like someone could get that high off of one hit from a grav but it sure felt like it
  2. Here's my first gravity bong experience. My roommate and I made one out of a cola 2 liter bottle and we each take 10 hits back to back he is fine within five seconds my eyes were red I was having visual hallucinations and I puked everywhere. Moral of the story gravity bongs really fuck you up so you were pretty fucking high
  3. Me love gravity bongs haha. One time Me and my friend were smoking a j in his room and his mom came home and was like look at this so we followed her downstairs and she made us a gravity bong haha that was a great night.
  4. My first experience with a G-bong was pretty intense. I actually experienced auditory hallucinations! Well, sort of. Like I heard the beginning to some chill rap song I had liked at the time playing, while I just leaned against my car and smiled like a jackass, looking out into the abyss. Good vibes man, good vibes.
  5. I been using gravity bongs for bit now gets me insanely ripped!

  6. Haha yeah man, I kept hearing like this pinging sound and I kept seeing things but they were in a different perspective and everything was shaking. It was crazy
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  7. makes me want to take out the gravity. hmmm... hahah.
    and you were hella high. LOL.
  8. Yeah man, there's not really a definite way to measure high-ness, but that sounds like you got fucking ripped. Which is not uncommon, gravity bongs are special in the way they fuck you up, they're like a Mike Tyson bite to the ear when other smoking devices are like a slap from an escort.
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  9. This thread has inspired me to take out my grav tonight and try to get super baked.
  10. grav bongs are so damn durtyy compared to regular bongs, my only complaint
  11. Glad I could help haha :)
  12. Gravity bongs rock. Haha I hit my grav abt 5 hours ago, instead of using my pipe because I wanted to conserve weed and get ripped.
  13. i dont know

    the gravity is the only thing i smoke out of all day sometimes i can take 1 hit and be good for like 2 hours not even thinking about weed sometimes it may take 2
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  14. If you mean dirty as in unclean, you can always just throw it out and make a new one each time. They take like 3 mins to assemble! :)

    If you mean dirty as in crazy as shit, I agree good sir.
  15. The first time I hit a gravity bong, it got me insanely high, but it wasn't a high that was really different from other times I had gotten extremely baked.

    I think the main issue was that the guy who owned the house and gravity bong was a little militant in who was able to handle things during sesh. He packed our bowls even if it was our weed, and he would light and set the gravity bong for us. I get that he wanted to be a good host (and my other friends had never seen one before so they didn't know how to use it), but I actually knew how to use it. So... the whole night he was setting up these hits for us, but they weren't even milked all the way. Just... decent bong rips I guess.

    But then he let me pack and set up a hit by myself, and after that hit, I was considerably higher. But still, nothing too different.

    I don't know, maybe I should try it again as that was my first, and only, time I've hit a gravity bong.
  16. I'm taking another gb hit for the city!
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  17. 1 hit of gb makes me have a nice functional, feel good high
    2 or more makes me fucked up couch locked (which i enjoy)

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