Gravity Bong: Did I do it right?

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  1. I made a gravity bong a little while ago based on a tutorial I saw on the internet. I didn't do it exactly like they did, but I think I got the basic idea down. Basically, I took a little socket wrench adaptor and hot-glued it to a milk jug top with a little hole in it. I also made a little hole at the bottom of the jug and found something to put in it to stop it from leaking. Despite all this, it doesn't seem to work that well. Did I make it correctly? Here are some pictures.

    This is the whole thing with the top on top.

    This is the top itself.

    This is the top, seen from the top.

    This is the top, seen from the bottom.

    This is the top sitting on top of the jug.

    So, did I do it right? If not, what did I do wrong?
  2. im not 100 sure but that doesnt look like a gravit bong, looks like a regular home made bong, nice bowl though
  3. What do you mean? There's no place to breathe it in like a regular bong. You have to fill it up with water, drain it while burning the herb, and then breathe it out of the top once it's drained.
  4. your bowls just way to big. get a smaller socket, 3/16 or 5/32 works for me. thats more of a waterfall bong in my opinion tho, g bongs are a little dif
  5. That's a waterfall bong, not a gravity. Looks good though. I use a 2L instead. The milk caps seem like they would melt quickly. Good job.
  6. I see. What's bad about having a big bowl? Does it make the smoke leak out?
  7. I wouldn't use a bowl with hot glue on it if the bowl heats up you can get glue fumes.

    If you wanted to turn it into a gravity all you would have to do is cut the bottom off of the milk jug and fill up a sink.
  8. What makes it work is that when the water falls out, it pulls smoke in.
    When the bowl is too big, the air just get sucked in more instead of the smoke.
    Thats probably why your waterfall bong doesn't work.
  9. couldn't have said it better myself. i also recommend you get a sobe bottle or arizona tea or something. then what you do is punch out a hole in the bottom of the bottle. if i get a bottle sometime soon ill pst a tutorial.
  10. what you have there is a big fall, a gravity bong would be if you cut the bottom off of that milk jug, sat it in something bigger and full of water (sink for example) then pulled it up, creating the same suction effect but reusing the same water
  11. What you've got there is a waterfall, a big one. This, my friend, is a gravity bong:

  12. PM for any bong info man. id much rather recommend a bucket oriented gravity bong as posted above but if your willing to refill it for every hit then this should work. youshould use a smaller socket so that you can stick it at least halfway through the hole and you should use a bottle with a screw on cap because that doesnt look too airtight.

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