Gravity bong + cut apple bowl?

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by DtotheR, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Hey guys.
    Im about to finish a mini tbreak and want to try a g bong :D. However i dont have any fancy bowls and was thinking of using an apple as one. I would cut 3/4 off and the 1/4 i would shape as a bowl and use a pen to drill it. Then i would simply push it in the mouth of the bottle. Is this a good idea??? :smoking:
  2. sounds like it would be rad!! do it post p ics!
  3. Would that be airtight but?
  4. If you did it right, it sounds like it could work. Maybe try to carve the bowl into a cork-ish thing to put in the bottle? This sounds WAYYY better than using foil.
  5. I might try the cutting it into cork but im not too sure. I think just simply stuffing the apple in the top of the bottle should make it airtight enough cus dunno liquids nd shit? Or i might try cutting it to cork and then with some tissue paper or toilet paper or whatevs to make it tight but that seems to overcomplicate things. Tommorow roughly this time i will be trying it. I will test the things without bud first :D shouldnt waste it. Also there is no foil dude. Thats how i came with the apple. Im kind of a newbie so i havent rly smoked out of anything but joints and as i dont have any paraphelia i read about the apple pipe then the g bong but without bowl no gbong so i decided to try apple bowl gbong. Cant wait hahah
  6. I wont be doing this... I tested an apple pipe at first and hated it so didnt even bother with a gbong. >.> Need to invest in some cheap ass bowl
  7. i thought of this idea like a month ago ! I was honestly JUST about to make a thread about it but i tried it(using it like a bowl) and it works great!


    Theres a pic of mine

    Great minds think alike! Haha

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