gravity bong caps

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  1. I'm trying to make a gravity bong cap (a waterfall gravity bong to be specific), and I would normally just force a drill bit into a plastic cap but I lost my drill bit. I am wondering about any other easy household items that can be used to make a waterfall cap. Thanks
  2. yeah, get like a socket.. to make it super sealed. Get ur lighter or lght a candle and put the cap above it and get the plastic so hot where u can just shove the socket in there and it will melt sealed around it.
  3. UMM Hello its called a steak knife
  4. i use a tap, make a small hole straight threw then melt it and push it threw
  5. Use a knife.
  6. you must use screw driver of large scale
    or some round pealer which we normally use in our kitchen

  7. I think he means what to use as the bowl
    Cuz you cant just throw the bud on the lid...
  8. No, he cleary stated he lost his drill bit. You can't just throw bud on a drill bit.

    I make a starter hole with a small screwdriver then open it wider with one side of a pair of kitchen shears and position them so it digs into the plastic at the right angle.

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