Graveyard Tokin (Warning: Long Read)

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  1. Sup blades,
    I just got caught high by my mom, and probably scarred her for life. It all started when...

    My friend Chrissy called me, and she was crying. She'd been fighting with her boyfriend lately, so I figured it had something to do with that. All she said was, "hey, can you come over? like, now?" and so I did. When she came out to get in the car, I asked her what was wrong, and she said "nothing, let's go smoke some weed." hell yeah. lol. she smelled like beer, and as we talked on the way to her dealer's house, she told me she and her bf had just had a big fight and blah blah blah so she needed weed to help her get over it. so we picked up the weed, picked up a friend of hers, and we all headed out to this spot in the forest that's perfect for smoking. we smoked a few bowls there and then Chrissy "saw" (i think she was just being paranoid) her bf's car in the distance. she thought he was looking for her or something so we all booked it out of there. We headed for the local cemetery (a creepy idea, i know) and as we pulled in, i thought i saw a zombie. I was actually scared for a second, then i remembered i was high and there was nothing to be afraid of. It turned out to just be a tree. lol. So we drove over to this spot in the cemetery that's kind of isolated from the rest of the place. Chrissy said she's been going there all the time since 2 years ago. You know the vietnam wall, and how it turns at a right angle in the middle? Well, there was a wall like that, except it was cream-colored, and each name was in its own little 2-foot square box. They looked like a bunch of drawers with names where the handles should be. The wall was pretty high... probably about twice as tall as me. In the space across from the wall were some short trees and tall bushes, so it was a nice little enclosed area.
    I know i'm spending an extra long time describing the scene, but i think it's important that you get the general vibe of the area, cuz that was a major part of the experience. We sat on a stone bench and resumed smoking. As i got more high... all i could see was the wall. I was aware of everything and not, you know, retarded, but all i could focus on was the wall of names. I imagined who they might have been, what the world was like while they lived... and even what it would be like to be the names themselves; what they would think of Chrissy, their frequent visitor. My mind wandered relaxingly on these things for a while, then it was time to go. I was still pretty fucked up as I drove them both home. I never want to drive like that again. All i could see were a bunch of lights everywhere; headlights, stoplights, tail lights... and thankfully not police car lights. my gas tank was really low and the whole time i drove slow so i wouldnt have to brake as much, so as to save gas. i finally got home, parked the car clumsily in its spot, and walked inside. it was only 9:00 and everyone was still awake. my mom smelled the weed on my clothes, saw my eyes, and bitched at me for 5 minutes about how "loaded" i was and "i cant believe you drove" and "i'm so disappointed." whatever. i was still high and didn't need that buzzkill, so i went into my room and watched across the universe. That took my mind off things and I was able to enjoy the rest of the high.

    So yeah, that's my story. Copy-pasted it from my facebook outbox, since i told someone else about it first.
  2. Blazing in a graveyard? I don't know if I could do that
    seems a little disrespectful to me
  3. I wouldn't mind if the place of my memorial doubled as a safe haven for stoners... in a way, we were keeping their memory alive by visiting them. but i know what you mean. using a place where people pay to keep the remains of their loved ones safe might be a tad disrespectful. it did feel a little creepy.
  4. How so? how is it disrespectful? i go there and sit next to my friends tombstone and smoke get him high in spirit...i dont see how thts disrespectful
  5. it's kind of a sirene feeling, right? helps you reconcile life and death as one.
  6. That's different, you are their to pay respect to your friend,
    OP is going to a random spot just to smoke
  7. I've lived next to a graveyard my whole life, its just become another place, everyone finds it creepy but Im used to it. I wont go into the graveyard just to smoke though, i'll only light up in there if im walkin home or walkin out somewhere.
  8. i would love to toke in a grave yard i should do that. it would make me feel peaceful :smoking:
  9. Last Halloween me and three friends took shots on a guy's grave. His name was "Curtain" and we dedicated each shot in his honor. Yeah, we were fucked up
  10. This is a neat story...^.^ except the gettinf busted part...that must have really sucked.
  11. the first time i smoked with a bong was on a graveyard and i got lost one time high on a graveyard while walking to a friends house bc i was gonna sleep there shit wasn't funny:p i got really paranoid dunno why though lol
  12. me and my friend parked up in a graveyard one night ta blaze only because we wanted to smoke in all the graveyards in our town in one night. our plan however got cut short, we got to the second graveyard, hada bong, went ta leave and when we go to the exit, the security had locked the gates. yes. locked in a cemetry. at night. blazed and freaking out.
    we called my mate with bolt cutters to come rescue us but it was a whole hour we were trapped in there! :eek:
  13. There is a graveyard where i live and i'm always blazin there.
    the most peaceful place you can be. Not actually on peoples graves though, theres like big areas of just grass and plants, really beautiful.
    it creeped me out though when i was really high with my boyfriend and the gates were locked up (we'd been there hours) so we had to climb out this fence was dark and i was freaking out lol.
  14. just read yours lol, i wasnt in there long but its scary when all you can see is rows and rows of graves in the pitch black and its impossible to get out :(
  15. I was blazing in a graveyard by the river once... in a van too, wouldn't you know...

    It was raining... and we didn't have water to fill the bong, so my friend filled it up with river water...

    And the entire time I was high I could only think of the dead bodies eroding into the ground, which in turn erodes and is carried away by the water or whatever. I'm smoking a bong filled with water that is full of dead bits of people.

    Looking back, I seem pretty fucking stupid. Wow.

    It's not disrespectful to get high there... but if you're causing mischief or vandalizing headstones or something, then you need to leave.
  16. hah. i've done it before in my friends wrx. it was rainin but wasn't too bad, wasn't a scary graveyard. if it was a scary graveyard though. ripped. oh man.
  17. too blazed to care

  18. Then do us a favour and don't post if you don't have anything related to the thread...

  19. dude that is the funniest story I heard, you said you turned into a zombie and the walls got high? that is hilarious dude.
  20. me and my buddy smoked in a graveyard a little while ago and saw a tree that had the outline of the grim reaper holding that blade thing. a fish, frog, all sorts of dumb shit lol. but we looked at the graves trying to recognize last names, found a bench and posted up on that and chilled. wasnt really sketchy or creepy.

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