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Graveyard shift

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xx420firexx, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. I want to see how many fellow blades have to work late. I have to work til 3 in the morning. Think i might stay up til 4:20 just for fun.:hello:
  2. Back when I was working, I'm retired now, I always tried to work a swing shift.

    Getting off of work around midnight left me two hours to grab a drink before the bars closed and then party all night long.

    That, plus a 5-10% pay adjustment for working nights made it a great shift for a single person.
  3. I don't now but for a while I was working 10 PM to 6 AM. In fact I've had two different jobs with that schedule.
  4. I currently work from 2 til 11 every day... I don't mind getting off late, I stay up longer than I should though. Usually go to bed right before the sun starts coming up because it's hard for me to fall asleep when it's light outside.
  5. i used to work at a donut shop from 10PM to 6AM 5-6 days a week
  6. I'm a stocker at world market. I work 1am-9am and 5am-10am shifts.
  7. props to all of you guys
  8. Stuck at a hotel all night, every weekend, 11p-7a. But hey, it puts me through college, I'm the only one here so I can smoke and/or study all I want :p. Especially since at this time half the people I check in are either drunk or stoned themselves.
  9. Yup I also work at a hotel I was working a swing shift but now I'm doing full time overnight till someone else gets hired. 11:30-8:00am
  10. I worm graveyard at a gas station

    From 12 midnight too 8:45am
  11. I worked night crew at a few grocery stores for 10 years.It was like a 8 hour workout at the gym.I miss the bond I had with the rest of my crew mates.We worked together and partied together.Clocking in at 10pm and if we were lucky the dickhead Groc Mngr would let us split by 8;30am.
    Then we'd all clock out and hit either the bar to drink n' play pool,or we'd boogie over to the casinos and scarf on $1.99 steak n' eggs.Then stagger back home by 11:00.
    It was fun and kept me in shape,but ultimately it's the job that fucked up my back and put me into "early" retirement.

  12. exactly the same for me. easiest job ever at best western. free food, free drinks, get paid to smoke and skate around the parking lot. night shift is the best haha
  13. damn son how did you get that job, i want it lol
  14. Not anymore...but I used to work at netflix from 2-3am to 7-8am it was difficult waking up at

    that time but u get used to it...i loved driving home while everyone else was going to smoking out after work while the sun was coming up was nice..and cause everyone

    was working...places were never packed.
  15. I work in a factory on the line from midnight to 10 AM. I'm a night owl so it isn't too bad.
  16. I used to be the night prep cook at my texas road house but now im the day prep cook
  17. i work at a 7-11 4-12am its not bad i never sleep anyway
  18. I work 10-6am or 12-8am. six to seven days a week. I don't mind it too much, especially considering the extra dollar an hour i make for doing nights
  19. i did security work on graveyard, 9-7, really quiet and boring. unfortunately i didnt have a vape back then so i never brought weed, but now i really wish i did ha ha
  20. I work the sunrise shift at UPS. Usually goes from 4 AM - 9 AM, and as someone already said you get to head on home when most people are heading to work. :D I always get home to immediately shower and eat, then have a morning sesh.

    The siesta sleep schedule works good with a night shift, I usually go to bed round 9 PM and sleep for 6 hours. Then around noon sometime I will take 1-2 hour nap.

    Its going to be hard to keep to my schedule come May with Diablo 3.. :smoke:

    Damn addicting games!

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