Grateful Dead

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  1. nothing else needs to be said
  2. ....

    i listen to them fairly often. i would love to have gone to one of their shows.

    2-26-77 is one of my favorite shows.
  3. i\'m not a dead head but my dad is. been to a ton of their shows over the years, saved all of their concert tickets and went to one of their last shows in 95. pretty crazy.
  4. I love the dead man
  5. hell ya i love GD :hello: :smoke: :smoke:
  6. They own hands down!!
  7. ive been to well over 100 shows. i saw their last show in Chicago. east coast, west coast and everywhere inbetween, glitter tickets to forg\'s, humping into the gate to over the fences, inside dark small shows to outside raining and thunder shows, with dylan or brent or branford or a neville or 2, ive seen em. ive had sex in the Kaiser and smoked with the roadcrew in Philly. ive seen dead ppl blue in tents and dogs driving vans. ive slipped down wet hills and fried in the desert. jerry shows, bob shows, micky shows, cover bands trying to play the dead shows, ive seen. ive eaten cabbage cuz that is all the $$$ we had and they were growing everywhere and ive eaten steak poplar creek. ive sold gov. cheeze grilled sandwitches, lsd and rootbeer to get from show to show.

    yes ive seen the dead.
  8. i like them alot, my fav song is shakedown street

  9. awesome, dylan and the dead aww shit bought that cd last week
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