Grateful dead?

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  1. So I'm a big fan of classic rock. Doors, Jimi hendrix, beatles

    But I've never really bothered with grateful dead

    for some reason, i just dont like thier music

    So, what a good song by grateful dead?

    I almost feel guilty or like evil for not liking them
  2. Everybody has their own tastes and preferences. I'm a huge classic rock fan myself, but I've never been able to get into Grateful Dead either. They just never made a song that stood out to me, don't really seem that special to me.

    Doesn't mean I don't acknowledge their influence or prominence in the (mostly) stoner community, I just don't really like them.
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    I never liked a song of theirs. I walk away when their cover bands come on. One time mickey? played at a fest, didn't even pay attention. Sorry to any fans, I do not mean any disrespect. It's just that none of the songs ever touched me, like the above poster said.

    I was confused always as a kid, seeing GD banners flying in almost every middle class families house in the area. So I asked my dad one time why people like gratefull dead, and honestly I am not going to even post it. It was the funniest thing I ever heard, but so fucked up. Plus certain parts can't be mentioned on GC anymore.

    Basically it was one long ass akward conversation, worse then "The Talk.", that ended in ".... and thats why everyone went to Gratefull Dead concerts...." I didn't even know what to think about my dad, I just started laughing and walked away.

    And it involved a reference to the mother of my friend, whose family has a GD banner over their lving room couch. I would have never guessed, ever, the shit she used to do.....
  4. Lol, the funniest thing was, when I was little (like 10 or so), when I first heard of them I thought it they would have been a punk or metal band, so I downloaded some of their songs. When I heard them I was like WTF:confused:.
  5. I LOVE the grateful dead. It's not about the drugs, or the cute little bears but their sound.

    They have such a particular sound, its just so cool and soothing. And they have a very broad genre.

    I liked them before I started smoking (13), so sometimes, it's really frustrating to hear Gretful Dead is stoner music. It's not. There is no such thing (except maybe the sound of a bong or something).

    There is no way to explain them, they just are the Grateful Dead.

    Try Eyes of The World, or their more listned to Sugar Magnolia, Truckin', Casey Jones, Friend of The Devil.

    Not my personal favorites but those are their more popular songs (except Eyes of the World, thats my favorite)

    They are a very aquired taste.:wave:
  6. I'm not ashamed

    Here's two
    [ame=]YouTube - Grateful Dead - Eyes Of The World -[/ame]
    [ame=]YouTube - Grateful Dead - Scarlet Begonias - 4-27-77[/ame]
    And don't worry, everyone hates the chick just have to ignore her on the few songs she horns in on
  7. Yeah...Donna tends to...take it too far.

    Sure part of the scene is about drugs...but I think everyone agrees that the people there just for drugs and not the music are there for the wrong reason. Grateful Dead have a sound...and once you hear all makes sense.

    There's some "radio-friendly" songs they put out, but that's not where its at.

    The album Europe 72 would be a good to start.

    5/8/77 is considered cream of the crop - Grateful Dead Live at Barton Hall - Cornell University on 1977-05-08 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

    Here's the Dead getting inside your head...

    The Other One - [ame=]YouTube - Grateful Dead - The other one 1968 live[/ame]
  8. I love the dead. My dad and my uncle were both dead heads. I listen to them when i want to mellow out or something. I can just blast it in my room and just space out and think about the universe. It really takes the edge off.
  9. i went for a pickup and my dealer had a grateful dead bear 2 hose bong and i ripped it. it was tightttt
  10. not really ahuge fan either, though I personally like the soung Touch of Grey.

  11. remember this: not everything is for everyone. The Dead are an acquired taste. I was a complete metalhead before making the jump - after that, I made 15 shows before Jerry died. Still love them to this day.
  12. [ame=]YouTube - Grateful Dead - China Cat Sunflower Jam - I Know You Rider - Europe '72[/ame]

    EUROPE '72 :D
  13. Friend of the Devil is the song that first got me into them.

    Sugar Magnolia, Ripple, Touch of Grey, Casey Jones, Cosmic Charlie, and Truckin are some good first songs to listen to.

    New, New Minglewood Blues and Doin' That Rag are personal favorites.
  14. I have always liked the Dead but really didn't listen them very much. Recently a friend let me borrow one of their live CDs, Dick's Picks, Vol. 18. Listening to that, the lights came on for me as far as the Dead go. It's about all I've listened to the past month.

    I did see them in 85. I found the crowd more interesting then the band.

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