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  1. Hey guys and gals. I am an avid fan of the Grateful Dead, and there are tons of songs out there due to the different live renditions they\'ve performed of each of their studio tracks.

    So let\'s discuss some of your favorite versions of Grateful Dead songs!

    A few of my favorites are:

    Truckin\' (Europe 72 especially)
    Dark Star (1973-06-10)
    Playing in the Band (1973-06-10)
    Morning Dew (all!)
    Jack Straw (all)

    and so many more

  2. I\'m not too sure about versions and I\'m far from an avid fan, but give me Blues For Allah and I\'ll be happy.

  3. I cant do that. Out of the hundreds of songs that the dead have recorded and the dozens of different versions of each of those songs, it is impossible for me to choose a few of my favorite songs, let alone my favorite versions of those songs. Grateful Dead is Grateful Dead, I feel its nearly sacreligious to narrow their entire masterful library of recordings down to a few....theyre all equal in my mind.
  4. Terrapin Station, 3-18-77

  5. haha this is true. i\'m trying to get my friends into them. one of them blasted them and said it was just country :mad:

    i\'m assuming you all know about ?
  6. Ya archive is the shit for live music. Im in the process of listenen to all of dicks picks in my car. Im on 8 so far, this is going to take a long while.
  7. Bertha
    Dark Hollow
    Wharf Rat
    Samson and Delilah
    China Cat Sunflower/I Know You Rider
    Eyes Of The World
    One Toke Over The Line
    and it goes on
  8. I like the Dead alot but I don\'t listen to them too often.

    Blues for Allah and Terrapin Station are great.
  9. Everyones probably gonna be mad, but...

    In my opinion Grateful Dead is vastly overrated.
    Sure, they\'ve put out some good tunes, but after a while, they just become the same old jam band. I\'d rather listen to some less-mainstream Pink Floyd, new Led Zeppelin, or old King Crimson.

    I guess I\'m just more of a jazz/psychodelic guy when it comes to the oldies.
  10. they\'re not the best at what they do, they\'re the only ones who do what they do. in their defense the dead really aren\'t overrated though, sure they have a lot of simple songs but they were the pioneers of that genre. single handedly the dead created an entire subculture in american society and you have to respect that aspect of the band as well as the music, but we\'re not mad, its all good :smoking:
  11. Umm, if anything, the Dead are very UNDERrated. They may not have the most technical ability but their melodies and lyrics are so much more enticing. I have to say, so many people listen to Pink Floyd and Led, they\'re great, great, great bands, and I don\'t know anyone who doesn\'t like them. But I\'ll tell you now, half the people who listen to Pink Floyd can understand the Dead. It\'s a completely different mental ability to love and enjoy the Dead, and that\'s why they\'re so underrated. It\'s very hard to get into them, especially since a TON of people do not enjoy listening to live albums and the such, which is probably 50% (at least) of the Dead experience. The rest is what goes on in your mind as Garcia and the band are sitting on the stage jamming into the night...

    Very seldom do you run into someone else who has a passion for the Dead. I know one other person personally. Everyone else I know loves Pink and all of them. The Grateful Dead were/are amazing.
  12. Ya man I also think they\'re underrated. I\'ve met a lot of people into stuff like Pink Floyd, Zep, the Doors and they hate on the Dead...because the \"jams are too long\" or \"jerry can\'t play\" or whatever it is...At the same time I find I can only get into the long live songs when I\'m tokin\' down or trippin...which makes sense because the band obviously did these things themselves...

    Anyway one of my favorites from them is Anthem of the sun (as you can see in my avatar), and I\'ve really been diggin\' this Dick\'s Picks recording from \'68 lately. other than that I really like it all and it\'s hard to pick favorites.

    Haha I also want to add I can\'t stand LEd Zeppelin cuz Robert Plant sounds like such a whiney bitch...but that\'s just me everyone has their own opinions .

    :smoking: Peace
  13. I guess what I mean when I say they\'re overrated is that there\'s so many more interesting bands that I have the choice of listening to.

    I understand they created a subculture. Don\'t get me wrong, thats cool I guess. At the same time, subculture means nothing to music. Hell, the most cliche mainstream emo bands have brought on a subculture of annoying 13 year old myspace girls claiming to be the first to sport a \"Dyke-spike\" haircut. I understand it won\'t last as long as Grateful Dead\'s, but it just goes to show that the shittiest of bands can succeed at making a subculture.

    Musically, they are just a jam band, theres no getting around that. Jamming can be fun, and I\'ve spent countless amounts of time participating in them, but I\'ll admit that theres nothing spectacular about being in a jam band. Composing music has proved to yield much better results in creativity, variety, and the desire to listen to it again.

    As a musician, I\'ve come to understand that there is beauty and ugliness in every genre, and I listen to just about EVERY genre I can- some more than others. What it mostly comes down to for me, is to find a combination of something that is Interesting, Unique, and to some extent- shows at least a little talent.

    To me, Grateful Dead just doesn\'t stand out in these categories, especially the category of being unique. The lyrics might be in the ballpark, but not the instruments.

    In the town I live in, just about every highschool kid will claim their devotion as a \"deadhead\". Its become just as much of a trend as liking Floyd or Zeppelin. The difference is that there is so much more to Floyd or Zep.

    All of this aside, I understand that everyone has their own taste. Everyone likes music for their own reasons, and of course, I have no problem in smoking a joint to some Grateful Dead.

    ...But on the level of musical appreciation, and picking apart what makes music genuinely interesting... The Dead just dont cut it for me.

    Edit: Again, I\'m not trying to make enemies, just an opinion.
  14. Cryptical Envelopment>Drums>The Other One>Cryptical Envelopment from 5-3-1969, at the Carousel Ballroom

    All of 9-20-1970 at the Fillmore East

    Big Railroad Blues from 6-22-1973 at P.N.E. Coliseum

    China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider from Europe \'72 is the definitive version

    I love all of Skulls and Roses and American Beauty

    And basically any version of New Minglewood Blues from \'79 onward with Brent Mydland on keys...but I couldn\'t stand Vince Welnick (RIP), his stuff was turned up way too loud in a lot of the mixes

    These are just some of my absolute favorites, I celebrate their entire catalogue
  15. there was really no reason for you to post in this thread selkies
  16. I understand this is just your opinion and I completely respect it...but the Dead\'s instruments are every bit as unique as their lyrics or any other band\'s stuff.

    When the Grateful Dead started out they used off-the-rack gear like Guilds, Fenders, Gibsons, but starting in the late sixties and early seventies, most of their equipment (guitars, amps and speakers) were all custom made by companies like Alembic and Meyer Sound. These instruments were built with low-impedance filters and true bypass, things that were unheard of in those days. And in the late seventies through the nineties, they were pioneers of built-in MIDI technology so they could change their guitar tone to sound like a flute or a calliope. Their sound was about as unique as they come.
  17. Actually, there was a reason I posted in here.

    I was trying to find out what made the Dead special to some people. It\'s not like I\'ve heard every one of their tunes, just the stuff that friends put on. Bands change over the years, and I was wondering if they had anything that someone in this thread could point me towards. I\'ve disliked plenty of bands, and then found diffferent material by them that I loved. Thats why I came into this thread.

    I then explained how I felt about it, and added that everyone has their opinion.

    Let me ask you... Was the thread called Grateful \"Dead Thread - Only post if you like the band\"? -No.

    And by the way, I\'m still hoping someone can change my mind.
  18. well if you want to hear some great dead songs listen to:
    -Wharf Rat
    -Samson and Delilah

    to name a few
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  20. hahaha. In my opinion floyd and zepplin are the most over rated bands ever. To each his own i guess

    anyone listen to Old and in the Way?
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