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Grassy's Second CFL PC Bag Seed Micro Grow -

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by grassy haze, Dec 27, 2012.

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    Hey guys! Happy Holidays! :D

    Wow, it feels great to be back on Grasscity :gc_rocks:

    As some of you may remember my other micro grow unfortunately had come to an early ending JUST as she started to get some bud on her.

    Well my old PC box is back in use again! Same box..different seeds.

    Got a really dark healthy looking bag seed from some blue dream i picked up at a local dispensary here and she's germinating as I type! I have a good feeling about this one guys.

    Did some rewiring in the box and got a nice, neat looking setup. Now there is only one power cord to plug in. It looks like an actual computer from the outside! Running 1 55w, and 2 26w cfls, all 2700k. Also, a laptop flat fan as an exhaust and a regular pc fan for the intake.

    Well guys I'll get a few pictures up in a few days once she sprouts, until then, stay toasty! :smoking:
  2. Just a few pictures of the box. 42w Bulb is just for my seedling. Going to up the lighting once she grows a bit.

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    Hey guys, just dropped her in the soil today.

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  4. Also, I'm using fox farm ocean forest soil and happy frog bone and blood meal organic nutes.
  5. Subbed like to see this one finished how long did you veg your first grow

  6. Thanks for the sub! Hmm I want to say 2-3 weeks on 24/7 before i switched to 12/12.
  7. Im doing a small grow with,extremely limited head room just getting some,ideas

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