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Grasshopper returns after 30 years

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by norcalguy, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. I recently revisited the world of "grass" after leaving cannabis alone for about 30 years. Since I spent my younger days in Los Angeles, late 50's, 60's, early 70's, I grew up being a confirmed smoker and have missed the enjoyment and camaraderie of my weed-smoking days.

    Since I recently got a medical card, grew tired of waiting for recreational legality, it seemed right to rejoin the ranks of people who consider smoking week a comfortable pastime.

    It seems, much to my surprise, that weed is much different now than in the 1960's What I've gotten the last few weeks is much stronger than back in "the old days," and the whole culture and ways of using it are quite changed from before.

    A few tokes of commercial purchases and I'm snockered, can barely finish a half joint or a small bowl. I've tried a couple of vaping options, and that seems too "easy and fast," so I'm back to joints and a small glass pipe I recently bought. Unlike the old days, I don't seem to think very creative thoughts, just get kinda relaxed as hell and soon crap out for a good long nap.

    Just for information, I have to "hide" from my wife when I smoke, as she would make "holy hell" when she finds I have "returned to my old ways" to "become a druggie again." I can't smoke around my 23-year-old son because he has some serious drug reaction problems and both his mom and I believe my smoking week would "send him the wrong message." Does this make any sense?

    Has anyone else gone through this early re-introduction to cannabis use similar to what I describe above?

    --Norcal guy

  2. How can your wife call you a druggie if you have a mmj card?
  3. Because she grew up in a conservative environment outside the U.S. and the idea of "legalized marijuana" is not accepted by her. But to further complicate this issue, our son has been on heavy anti-rejection therapy after a bone marrow transplant and his use of very strong marijuana products may have combined to cause reaction episodes and psychiatric confinement. It is possible that his use of strong cannabis products has nothing to do with his psych rejection episodes, but I can't convince her otherwise, so just have to keep my smoking private.
  4. Well thing just got serious fast. Hope things work out for your son. I am pretty sure cannabis can't directly cause issues but it did not do him any good if you know what I mean.Maybe get some edibles to be stealthy.

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  5. I took a 11 year hiatus. now im back. Quality is much better. There are a lot of new ways to smoke like dabs too. A lot has changed.
  6. Back in the 60's, there was good weed available, but sources were subject to changes in quality, or new sources were a real gamble. But the good weed in L.A. in the 60's came mostly from Mexico and was "enjoyable." The "crap" weed , sometimes cut with other green stuff or no cannabis at all, was quite common, and often a deliberate scam for your money. But when I started toking on northern California bud through dispensaries a few weeks ago, it was like a whole new dimension, and am still getting used to it.
    I bought several vaping tools, and that is going to take some getting used to, so my joints and little glass pipe are now my "get high" modes.
    I'll try "dabs" next, because of your mention of it.
  7. Lol do not try doing dabs man, if you think the weed is strong you're liable to freak out once you inhale some wax. Dabs are for people with tolerances very strong, you do not need it hahah. Just keep smoking out of your pipe in secret, you're a grown ass man. Your wife needs to either not know, or just deal with it. You have it for medicinal reasons, she needs to get over it. Times have changed.

    Best of luck in your herbal adventures old man. I hope you stick around and stay lifted for years to come.

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