Grasses to Ashes

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Dedboy, May 5, 2011.

  1. Greeting to you all.
    I'm 31 years of age, been smoking for 12 years, off and on.

    I am what you would call a pessimist. I found weed as an anti anxiety agent.
    I always tend to look at the negative side of things, impending doom style.

    Browsing the forums, without registering for awhile, but I finally decided to join up.

    As I said, I found weed to be calming, and allowing me to focus much better.

    Thus began my journey with the funky green stuff.

    Thank God for grass, and the forums in which to educate oneself about it.

    My garden is in the planning stages now, I live in Virginia, so it's not so easy to set up a decent garden, unless you're using a greenhouse setup.
    (Which I will be doing)

    I truly believe Marijuana saved my life at times, as I could have easily had a heart attack if not for the mellowing out effects of it, allowing me to see some peace for those few fleeting moments.

    I hope I can be an asset to the community and forums, and I wish you all nothing but the finest green to grow from the finest earth.

    -Dan A.K.A. Dedboy

    P.S.- I hope to see my state legalize this wonder someday; Sadly I probably won't be alive to do so. Please keep one lit for me:smoke:
    Thank You

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