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Grasscraft Minecraft Server

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by pawlywog, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Wow,this seems very complicated for an adventure map,but ill do it..but no i only read the intro paragraph so i hope you know exactly how the game works :p
  2. Hells yes!

    It's actually quite simple,
    the only thing I can see giving a group of stoners
    some trouble is remembering the economy system haha.
  3. i wanna play
    what steps do i take to do that

  4. i'll give you step by step information once the adventure server is up :wave:
  5. Alright i have it setup..so in about 5 mins ill post the ip (mainly to give me time to pack and start a bowl,i suggest you do the same!)
  7. it's stuck at connecting

  8. +1 .
  9. FUCK...try it now
  10. Wow I don't know if it's because I'm really high or what but 1.8 has made me feel really terrible about punching animals for their resources..lol honestly cause now every time you punch a sheep instead of it just jumping and going "ehhh" you punch it and it takes off frantically like it's in pain and you have to chase it down while you're beating it to put it out of it's misery..and it's yelling the whole time. Goddamnit.

    I'm probably just really high though I just don't have shears yet.
  11. Just downloaded 1.8. Blazing up. :smoke:

  12. Oh yes. It's released :wave:
  13. it wont let me on da server!!!!!!!!
  14. also Dat feel when you wake up an hour earlier then normal cause you saw 1.8 was released when you checked your droid at 5 AM
  15. Hahaha.
    Yeah I'm just waiting for someone to update the grasscraft server so we can play it together, but for now I'm playing single player. It's pretty awesome
  16. working on updating it now.
  17. what is the alternative ip again? only that works for me

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