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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Smell That Fish, Oct 11, 2010.

    dont worry when i make it big this site will be so fucking good people will be trafficking in like mexicans at the border (no racism intended i love spanish booty)

  2. im diggin the first and forth beat on your page. you have potential, no doubt. keep up what do you homie.
  3. I'm a big fan of your work Keyboard Cat. You're pretty good pianist for someone lacking in thumbs.
  5. I didnt like any of those beats, you half sound like everybody else, now all you gotta do is get that other half (being the melodies) to sound like every body else on the radio you will make it

    remember being original gets you no were now a days, so dick ride as hard as you can:)

  6. fuqqqqdat ***** ima be iron man beats

  7. naw but real talk if you make it big, dont forget good ol' kush boy. ;D

  8. no doubt man your on my list :p

  9. wooo! :hello:

  10. Whatever you guys are talking about I want in too! Don't ever forget me. I listened to these beats like there was no tomorrow. That 6th beat blew me away!

    Keep up the good work and don't ever forget your lil homie, Philosiraptor:cool:

  11. dont worry phil you can be in on it too, can i call you phil? im gonna call you phil. :)
  12. Somebodys full of themselves :rolleyes:

    Kush its fourth not forth


  13. fourth*.

  14. if you mean full of heroin and syringes you my man are right

  15. lol wtf? you guys went from wana to be professional musicians to being full of heroin and syringes STONERS!!!!!!!! hahaah good beats though holmes
  16. Not gonna lie man, I don't like hardly any of those. They sound like they're made on some mixing program you downloaded onto your PC

  17. ahaha thanks playa
  18. OG to the perfections of God

  19. wut movie is this from, looks funky

  20. fl studio lol

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