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  1. In my opinion, EVERYONE should open carry a handgun. In my perspective, it is like having a spare tire on your car, it is not like you wake up one morning and say "I'm going to use my spare tire today!" no, it is for emergencies only.

    And for gamer's, think about how many people you can kill in GTA before you die, then think about COD. GTA is what it is now, you can kill alot of people, but COD is like if everyone had a gun, you could only kill a couple people.

    What are your guys' say on gun control?
  2. Imo gun control wont help shit, inanimate objects dont cause harm its the person behind them. If anyones guns should be taken away it should be the governments.
  3. I'm in favor of open carry, apparently in areas with it implemented crime is down.

    weird you went to video games, not sure I like that with dumbasses blaming violent games/movies/music for gun violence.
  4. I guess that's one way to look at it
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    Yeah, i know what you mean about the games, but i was not pointing it in that direction, just the fact that in GTA you are the only one with the gun (just like a criminal in real life) which enables you to kill 20+ people, but in COD everyone has a gun (sort of like open carry) which you can only kill a couple people before dying. Just trying to dumb it down for the sheeple.
  6. squeeeeeeze the trigger
  7. I think its amazing that people can subscribe to the idea that once everyone has guns that all our crime problems will be solved, and we'll all be safe. Sure lets go ahead and give everyone a gun, because the average American with his average intelligence is surely bound to make only intelligent decisions with a fatal weapon. Hey why don't we make sure he can unload 30 rounds in 2 seconds, besides the more powerful the gun the safer everyone is right?

    In england firearms are severely restricted, the police don't even carry them, yet there were only 3 police deaths from firearms in the last 11 years there, which disproves the whole we need guns to protect ourselves from other people with guns. The UK has .04 gun related homicides per 100,000 people, approximately 50x less than the US. The idea that more guns on the street keep us safe is simply ignorant and dangerous.

    Gun regulation needs to crack down everywhere, most guns that get onto the street here are bought in states with lax gun laws and then sold in states with heavy laws for a profit. It all needs to stop, I'd rather give up my right to a gun then watch these mass killings keep happening.
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    Gun homicides may be low in England, but the UK has for decades had a huge problem with knife crime. In fact it is one of the worst places in the developed world for knife violence.

    So your implication that reducing the availability of guns reduces violence is simply false. It reduces gun violence, but it does nothing to reduce violence overall. I wonder how many English policeman have died from stab wounds?

    So since gun control does not reduce violence, why should we adopt such policies when they have such glaring downsides, such as leaving the population at the mercy of their country's armed forces?

    Consider Switzerland, which has one of the highest gun ownership rates in the world. Most men undergo compulsory service in the national militia, and keep their issued assault rifle in their homes as part of their military obligations.

    It's murders per 100,000 rate is almost half that of the UK. Crimes such as home invasions are almost nonexistent there. Clearly, high rates of gun ownership do not necessarily lead to high rates of violence or other crimes.

    Your first paragraph is somewhat disturbing, you seem to believe that government's and police forces that have been proven corrupt are more trustworthy than the average man. Personally, I'd rather not place my life and liberty in the hands of these corrupt entities. One only has to look at world history to see the inadvisability of placing complete and total faith in your government, which is what you are doing if you allow them sole possession of firearms.
  9. I just turned 21 so I def will be taking classes soon to rightfully own a hand gun
  10. More psychobabble from the opposers. The anti-constitutional anti-self-protection anti-fun gun control nuts spew the same baseless information. Instead of looking at the real problem (the evil of the human heart) they want to blame an inanimate object... Or at least take them away. I like my guns, i feel more safe with them around. And when im gone at work i know my gf will have the power to fend off just about anyone with, 'the great equalizer'.
  11. For optimal gun control, go prone.
  12. I wonder how many old ladies would get mugged if criminals knew that most of them carried guns in their purses.
  13. You're right Op Everybody should have one.

    Kill or be killed
  14. I think some proponents of gun control are simply scared of the idea of defending themselves or their property. They much rather someone else shoulder that responsibility. But that's folly.
  15. Problem isn't gun control, it's idiot control...and there's no controlling idiots.....
  16. [quote name='"leoyen"']Not to mention, all these mass shooting perpertrators have been under the influence of heavy pharmaceutical drugs. Such as Prozac,Xanax and others.

    » Ban Prozac And Other Mass Murder Drugs Not Guns! Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


    Convicted: Prozac Turned Teen into Murderer | Health Impact News

    James Holmes[/quote]

    I had a friend who was taking this pharmaceutical garbage. It caused him to hit rock bottom, which then led to a suicide attempt. I don't know how they can pass this shit off as a form of help.
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    I would bet a pound they smoke weed too, so now how is your lane of blaming any better than those attacking weed or guns?
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    chicago illinois is a great example of how gun control doesnt work

    also if you look at it.the american people have already gave there response on gun control by the gun company stocks going thru the roof everytime you hear the words "gun ban"out of a senators mouth and the fact that wal mart actually sold out of there ar 15's

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