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  1. Post your dreams here. I am intrigued to read about your guys dreams.
    I stopped writing in my dream journal for a while because i couldn't be bothered but now i am going to write down all my dreams and post them here.

    Here's one from my dream journal that happened a while ago.

    I am in a grass feild some where. There is a 10 meter radius around me where i can see and surrounding me is darkness. There is a bear attacking me. So i start jumping into the air and kick the bear in the face. I thought to my self "i must be dreaming, because how did i end up here? I have no recollection of getting here" Aware of the fact i was in a dream i started jumping about 2 meters high and kicking the bear in the face.

    Then 3 more ferocious looking bears came to attack me and i was fighting them off by kicking them in the face. I decided to try flying seeing i was in a dream and could do anything. I jumped 3 meters and nearly flying i came back down. This is all i can remember after that.
  2. I'll just give the most reason vivid dream that I remember. I dream every night, I'm sure of it because the moment I wake up every day I have this vague and fleeting memory of some specific dream I had while sleeping, but I quickly forget most dreams unless they are really vivid.

    Like a week ago I dreamed that the world ended. I was outside sitting on the grass beside my house, it was a nice summer night, I was smoking a bowl out of my bubbler. As I exhaled the second hit, I looked up to the clear night sky.

    I saw in the sky what looked like a galaxy. It was like the size of a dime held at arms length. I immediately focused on it because galaxies aren't usually visible in the sky lol. I noticed a tail of flame on it and it was moving. It got larger and larger until it was about the size of a football held at arms length, it sank behind the trees, disappeared for a moment and then there was an explosion, a bright orange glow and mushroom cloud behind the trees. I was like nooo wayyy!

    My perspective shifted to seeing the earth from a distance as the object struck the Earth. It basically obliterated a third of it instantly and sent debris shooting across the horizon of the rest. The Earth was fucked. The words "mass extinction event" crossed my mind. My perspective shifted back to me and I got up and ran to the house, knowing full well that I was fucked either way. It was like instinct to run for cover. As i ran into the house, shit was raining from the sky, shit was flying across the sky like shooting stars, these are Earths final moments, I thought. Everything was fucked.

    Then I woke up. It was the craziest thing to go from "Holy shit the world is ending, my world is ending, Humans are finished" to awake and everything is fine lol. It was such a relief to see everything okay and the sun shining because a second before everything was going dark and dieing.

    It was just one of those really vivid dreams that kinda sticks with you for a bit.
  3. I've recently had some weird fucking dreams. Each of lasted about an 1 hour. Okay, so I only remember a few things about a certain dream. Okay, so from some reason my family went camping and decided to chop down some tress limbs. We look at the end of the trunk we cut. The end of it it started to open up and from into a hand. The hands fingers started to open up and formed into a hole. It swallowed my dad so, we had to save him. We started stabbing the tree with scissors until we broke off some bark to get inside. It was like a hideout below the truck. We started to go down it until my dream ended. My dream was much more complex then this. It was like a fucking movie. It made a lot of sense, but I just can remember the exact story. It was like the show "Lost", but a movie.

    It's one of those dreams, that when you wake up. It's like you just took a salvia or Acid trip and you try to comprehend what just happen. I
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    Here's a dream I saved a while ago.

    I was driving on the highway, when I saw a motorcycle sitting on the side. So I jumped out of my car while it was moving and got on the motorcycle; there was something wrong with the motorcycle, though; it kept bouncing about 10 feet in the air while I was trying to drive it, making it almost impossible to drive.

    So I got it into the city when I went through a bad neighborhood; these guys were like, "HEY! Give me your motorcycle and all your cash." So I started trying to drive away but the motorcycle kept bouncing around.

    I was still able to get away into this guys mechanics garage. As I went in one door and locked it, the mechanic came in another and locked it and looked at me like he was about to tell me to do what I had just done.

    One of the locks was a chain lock and the guy chasing me opened the door and started shooting randomly all through the garage, getting really close to hitting me quite a few times. He was eventually able to break the door down and came in there; I stood and accepted my fate when the mechanic and the theif both started shooting at me laughing; they missed every bullet(seemingly purposefully).

    When it was over we talked for a minute and I told them about the problem the motorcycle had; the theif said he knew how to fix it, and I told him I'd pay him if he could. He told me what was wrong, (there was too much neon in the front tire), so he squeezed the front tire, and the excess neon went to the back tire and we tied it off. I thanked him and gave him 40$; he left.

    Me and the mechanic talked for a minute about all the events leading up to that, and I told him I was just gonna buy a gun so people couldn't fuck with me.

    After that I rode my motorcycle back to my car, got my car(which someone had apparently torn the fabric off the seats), and drove it somewhere as I woke up.
  5. Last night I dreamt I had VERY VERY rough sex with another girl. She was fucking me then she started beating me up. She kept on dragging me into a bed for some reason and taking my cigarettes away from me.
    Next thing I'm in a prison type place and I'm wearing a hospital gown. I'm taken out by these insanely tall guards (well in real life I'm insanely small anyway lol.. I'm 5ft1) and then I'm stripped down to my underwear and a firing squad comes out dressed like nazis?? The girl who was at the beginning of my dream came out, dressed like a nazi as well and she called the 'ready, aim, fire' order.
  6. Just woke up from some messed up shit.

    I was standing in my front yard talking to my homie and smoking a blunt. It was sunny, chill and relatively cloudless. Strangely my mom is in the background planting flowers or something. So I'm just starting to feel my high climb, and I slip from buzzed to baked. Then I hear this low whooshing sound sort of like an airplane but faster and louder in the distance and I can feel the ground thud almost as if a tree fell right next to me. I look up in the sky to see what at first I thought to be a very fast low flying plane zoom to the middle of the sky and it suddenly explodes. Apparently it was some sort of airburst missile or something. All I see is a fragmentation cloud and a small fire ball followed by a shockwave. The wave hits me hard and I can feel myself falling backwards. And for some fucked up reason, the only words running through my mind are Faith Hill. Everything goes black. For almost 5 minutes all I see is black. I guess im dead, and I end up feeling dissapointed that there isnt more to it. The edges of the black void seem to ripple and then I wake up.

    Now as disturbing as dreaming of being killed by a missile is, I can't wrap my head around why the fuck Faith Hill would be my dying words.:confused:

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