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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by unoit, Jun 11, 2004.

  1. HIGH All, some of you might not realize this..


    I love coming here when Baked and I mean Baked

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  2. lol me too!!
  3. don't tell anyone, but it's friday, i just woke up and am having a really, really hard time justifying not getting baked and staying home to watch cartoons.

    perhaps i'll do that. i think my mind is made up already though. there is precisely dick that i could get done at work and there's only those fucking loud, cackling, mongoloid bitches in there...and it's hot...and the computers are slow (major deal, since that's my job and it's frustrating).

    *sigh* the idea of sitting in that room is driving me towards the rolling papers. i love to bake hard with a full joint in the morning...changes the tone of the day.

    er, right. where was i? ah yes, baking...gotta roll one...see you in a bit!
  4. mmm...hash...

    that's definitely one way to stay baked. :D
  5. You showing offf again mate ??? :D

  6. HIGH All, *LOL* or showing O.F.F.F. what you All can make *LOL*

    Edit: have we done it?

  7. Life can't get much better then this can it?

    Bake....Baked.....and Bakest! :)

  8. didn't you know that's how you make hash? all you need is a willing subject that smokes waaaay to much pot and a washcloth
  9. HIGH All,*LOL* it's ok DNukem03 and this is how we do it.

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  10. i have never used a hot knife, can someone explain how this is used? wat do you heat the knifes with
  11. LOL! I've looked at that pic a bunch of times and just now realized that there's a GC in it. :rolleyes:

    On a side note: out of the blue style....

    I read a post by Mr_Criminal, I think...and he's got Meatwad as his avatar and I couldn't read the post without hearing Meatwad in my head. I meant to type this in the thread where I read the post but I'm high and forgot to so I decided to use your thread. Hope you don't care! :D LUV U, Unoit!!!!????

  12. HIGH All, us up here on The WET Coast use a propane torch to heat the knives...much quicker.

    And I've shaved since then THC101 and my head too...nothing what my av looks like *LOL*.

    NO....RMJL you step over me and my threads anyday
  13. i've never tried hotknifing either, maybe i should try picking up a torch :D thanks unoit!

    here's a general question to the hash smokers; have you tried bottle tokes? and if so what did you think?
  14. HIGH All, anytime...yes done it everyway you can think of and if you find a way I havn't tried let me know. Hotkniving is the only way for me..sometimes I'll break out a pipe. But it's knives All the way for me...just like now, doing a few right wake and bake...happy times are here.

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  15. Bomb thread.

    Is there any advantage to making hash other then its cool?
    Is it more THC efficient? Better for you? Easier to handle? Whats the deal.. I've never tried hash, I'm in CA and I havent even come accross it.
  16. HIGH All, hey rollin_stoned...hash it's Almost All THC..I love it and it's a break from smoking the Bud All the time.

    I don't know better for you...any smoke you put in your lungs will do them no good.
  17. Id be smokin hash if i had the materials at this time

    but i can wait till around october....

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