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  1. With all the recent "issues" and the possibly permanent closing :)() of a well loved thread, I for some reason feel the need to make this thread.

    First off, I have only been a lurker since late May of 08 and I finally signed up in July. Although fairly new compared to some blades, I feel that I am a part of the community, apart enough to make this thread.
    Second, if you want to bitch at me or give me shit for being kissass then go right ahead. I am a big boy, my feelings won't get hurt.

    GrassCity is an awesome fucking community. If you don't believe me then you haven't been a member of other forums. Most other forums don't even allow the discussion of politics or religion because they are such sensative subjects. GC has it's own forum for each and for the most part we have shown the mods/admins that we can have a civil debate. Now last I checked, GC is an online headshop and a forum mainly for the discussion of weed and growing it as well. We are allowed to have APPRICIATION threads for other drugs, no matter how good or bad they are. We are allowed to have CLEAVAGE threads, threads about good and bad experiences with blowjobs. and threads about subjects that other forums wouldn't even think about allowing.

    I know people have been starting to change their views about the City because of the mods/admins getting stricter. But how annoying is it when you have to move threads constantly because people didn't want to read forum descriptions? I don't know, because I have never been a mod/admin, but common sense tells me it is pretty damn annoying. Or how about when somebody who is new to the bud asks a "newb" question and some jerkass has to give a completely retarded response? I check the Apprentice Tokers forum frequently and see those jerkass responses all the time. Sure, some guys are just messing around and they put a real response a few lines below, but there are some people who just feel like being a straight up jerkass.

    I guess this is the end of my little rant/preach/whatever. My point is respect the blades, admins/mods, and the City. SJ, RMJL, and the rest of the team do a really good job at keeping this place in line. They don't have to do it, no one is forcing them. And I am almost 100.7456356743 perecent sure that they don't get paid for doing this, which means they are taking time out of their day to make sure everybody can feel comfortable here.

    Cya around.
  2. wow

    Thanks, RiskyBusiness. Your thread is definitely appreciated by me. :) I'm sure SJ, the Super Mods and Mods will appreciate it, as well.

    We functioned with a very small moderating team for quite some time. Everyone who was on the team during our massive growth spurt did a good job of moderating the forums but we all knew we were in need of more help. We don't get paid but that sense of loyalty within our moderating family made us want to make sure things were being taken care of in a somewhat timely manner...and for a smaller team, that can get to be a bit much when there's so much to do. The City's growth has been overwhelming...for members and mods, both. Just this week, so far, we've had 2372 new registrations.

    Anyway, you guys weren't accustomed to us staying on top of things like we are now. The deletions, closures, bans...they're almost stunning because they happen so quickly. It's not really that we've become a stricter team, we just have more Moderators around to take care of things. We're enforcing the same rules as always.

    We have a kick ass moderating team and I'm really proud of how well everyone works together. I think they really show the City how much they care about it. :)

    Thanks again for the thread. :D You definitely get that the City is a big stoner family and you appreciate it for what it is. :)
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    that's a really cool post man, I appreciate it more than 100.567785444667777 % ;-)

    Thanks for the support, made my day

  4. GC is the best site on the internet. without it, my garden wouldn't b the same
  5. We certainly appreciate hearing positive things. Thanks for the post! I can assure you that we, the moderators, super moderators, and admins, certainly appreciate it! :)
  6. the mods do a pretty good job at keepin this place clean. and like the op said we have alot of freedom here. i do miss the apple bottom and cleavage threads but i understand why there closed.

    How many mods are there? theres got to be alot because you step out of line here and your gone fast. I rember bank404 used to post alot then i heard he threatend a member and hes been gone.
  7. yes it's true you guys are awesome and always keep the city flowing but I've noticed quite a few old members gettin teh ban lately and it frustrates me
  8. In order to answer your question I suggest going Here.
  9. I'm with Rummy on this one, man... Wow... We don't get threads like this too often (usually it's the exact opposite). It's really appreciated. Thank you :)
  10. It's nice to see all the good remarks in response to this thread :)

    But I just thought I'd say what I am assuming is on quite a few of the blades' minds. It's we the blades who should be thanking you mods, supermods, and admins for keeping this site in line. So thank ya for this kick ass site. :cool:
  11. GrassCity is a good online community for stoners, or any open minded individuals. I am a part of other online communities, however the level of maturity that can be found at GC is unmatched.
  12. Brother you're a good blade.

    Thanks for those words and stay forever green.
  13. It wouldn't be much of a site without all the blades here. Everyone makes this places what it is... So really... We ALL fuckin rock!

    :gc_rocks: :yay: :metal:
  14. Man, for all the shit we take as Mods and Admins, it's threads lke this that make all the work we do worth it.

    Thanks man, really. That means a LOT to me.

  15. Wow, I kinda just assumed that you guys knew how many people are appreciative of your work!! We should have an 'official GC appreciation' thread! (Maybe this is it! :rolleyes:)

    I guess it doesn't occur to people to express how much they love The City, myself included, it's too easy to moan about something you don't like, not as easy to remember to compliment!

    I'll jump on this gravy train, 'cos I effing LURVE The City! It has quite literally changed my life!! I am now growing my own mj with the help of the growing sections and really helpful blades. The discussions are always lively and the mods do an awesome job.

    Mods, remember you are loved! :D +rep to the Op, for a necessaryand important thread. :)
  16. ah, i was starting to lose faith in this place by all the drama that has been taking place lately.
    it was nice to read this. faith = restored. :)

    the mods/super mods/admins really do do an excellent job.
    and we should all show our appreciation by making their jobs easier by remaining chill and respecting the city and all it stands for. ;)

    it's posts/members like this that first attracted me to this place,
    so let's keep it up and not scare away potential new-comers by acting like immature, dramatic little kiddies.

    i love this place and i love everyone that makes it what it is! :D
  17. Grasscity is definetly the most memorable website ive ever been on. Ive spent time on other forums like Ultimateguitar and other places like that but they never clicked in my head. This is my homepage away from home.

    Better vibes flow from this site then any other side ive been too.

  18. U should post that in the Rec use cause that is a lagit reason and just made me understand and accept the changes. could help to shut ppl up i think
  19. Mweh, somehow I'm still here =P

    Cheers, Kudos, and all that sort.

    Edit; The changes aren't even big enough of a deal for people to have to shut up about... Damn. I don't get how anyone could be pissed about it...

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