Grasscity WoW Guild!!

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    After seeing the suggestion made in another thread, I knew I had to get this started. I will be getting started on this ASAP.

    Realm: Spinebreaker
    Faction: Horde
    Guildname: Grasscity

    Anyone who wants to help get this shit started or just wants an invite to come hang out whisper me on my main on Spinebreaker, Dopedecay. I'll get the guild going and find the signatures on my hunter, Hashbrowns.

    Hope to see some of you fellow WoW players there! :D
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    Fuck Ill join Id needed to start a new character cause my mains on mannaroth. Lol so level one named Smokekusher.
  3. Let's do this...when are you guys starting. Im making a goblin hunter since I just got cata and want easy leveling
  4. I started last night he's level 5 right now, blood elf mage
  5. I'll roll one in a bit. I can't really being any of my mains over right now due to being one of the co founders of the guild I help run, but yea you'll deinately see me in a bit.
  6. My mains on stormrage :/
  7. Mine are on hakkar, kirrax, kirraxx, kirrx, and kirranix
  8. Aww, wish I knew about this earlier. Just started on a new Blood Elf Warrior. He's in silvermoon though.
  9. PhatSpliffs is now online. lvl 1 Undead Warrior
  10. Kirrax is created as well, playing DK
  11. We need a dope guild name
  12. damn, nice to see so many people already replied to the thread. I added everyone who listed their toons name to my hunter's friend list and ill probably be online for most of tonight, just whisper me on my DK or my hunter and ill get you an invite and try to hook you up with some bags and shit. :wave:

  13. Count me in

  14. atm the guild name on the chater is just Grasscity, it seemed the obvious choice. I also considered something like <Grasscity Blades> or just <Blades> but if anyone has some suggestions let me know and ill make it whatever you guys want before i turn in the charter.

  15. both are pretty appropriate hah

  16. <GC Nugs>
  17. <GC Blades>

    or <Blades> would be sick

  18. Add me ( PhatSpliffs ) undead warr tnk
  19. got you maing
  20. how long you guys been playin'

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