Grasscity will steal your life and never give it back

Discussion in 'General' started by catfish swiming, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. ^ We've been talking about getting ourselves an island for years.

  2. [quote name='"Blutteufel"']^ We've been talking about getting ourselves an island for years.


    They spent the money on weed instead.
  3. when you guys build the island count me in. Im there! I will bring a bunch of vege seeds and get a bit of seed propagation going on! YEAH LIVE OF THE GRID AT GRASSCITY!

    But how will we measure rep in the real grasscity?
  4. GC and Stumbleupon...
  5. Pretty much on grasscity all the time... Lol.
  6. Sometimes I will be on here late at night hitting F5 every 30 seconds staring intensely at the screen until I start hallucinating out of my peripheral vision. Then if I keep going a little longer I start to get a body buzz shooting through my spine..
  7. Nah, not GC...the internet yes, GC no
  8. wtf??? lol haha

    im more of the post once in a thread never come back type of guy.
    i just hit EVERY THREAD thats relevant with date.:metal:

    i think the one thread i posted in the most is the "rate the metal videos" in the music hall.:smoke:
  9. that shit seriously controlled me when i was younger. my parents would try and kick me off and i'd flip the fuck out. I was addicted :eek:
  10. So true. I'm thinking about requesting a temporary ban to focus on school more. Finals are coming up soon. :/

  11. I think you meant to type facebook?
  12. grasscity, skyrim. its good during winter. i cant go outside in winter.
  13. I only have like 1200 posts or something, but I'm on here basically all the time. I'm just quiet :smoke:

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