GrassCity, we can start a movement here today...

Discussion in 'General' started by Marijuanicles, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. There are two main ways to handshake someone.
    You either do the normal one or you fistbump them.
    Fistbump looks like a rock, normal handshakes look like paper.
    When you see people about to fistbump you, say "paper covers rock"
    and then say you're just kidding and go in for another handshake, but when they put their hand out say "scissors beats paper", and you just forced someone to lose two rock paper scissors games, and then you tell them to do the same thing to everyone they handshake. And eventually everyone in the world will only be able to greet each other through rock paper scissors battles.

  2. OMG dude ur sig looks like some bud i just smoked a few mins ago u know the name????????????????
  3. I think it was some Trainwreck.. Can't really be to sure though to tell you the truth :smoking:
  4. close enough =] feels like some fucking dank of danks second only to g-13 plus rep man!!!
  5. Trainwreck is the shit.

    As for the OP, we are not your personal army for starting trends. ;)
  6. Uhhh.. I'm a non-conformist.
  7. Dude I hope you were stoned when you came up with this. Nevertheless I gave you +rep :D
  8. I'm definitely not cool enough to pull that one off. Good luck, though! :smoke:
  9. i see it developing into a stoner form of this:

  10. Such a sick idea. I will do this today.

  11. So's everyone else on this site.
  12. I'm gonna start doing this with my roommate
  13. spread the word spread the word
  14. I'll do it! :D

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