Grasscity was best during late 2009 and early 2010

Discussion in 'General' started by Baloobas, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. there, I said it.

    TDG, -Jon, semler, etc.....

    I want to go back
  2. Yea... The grass was much greener back then
  3. And then I arrived.:cool:
  4. Yeah we've lost alot of good members in the past couple years here. I've only been here since '09 (To your knowledge), but i won't disagree with you.

    At the end of this year we're going to have alot of good posters though. All the new people just need to kind of find their place here and learn the ways of the city.

    Hopefully i'm still around, lol.
  5. I dug grasscity so much back in 08 and 09. those were the days man.

  6. There were just so many awesome members around the end of 09 (you included)

    where did they all go?
  7. We'll loose more good members this year and more will come along.

    But I do miss a lot of the old blades that were banned within the past 7 months.
  8. I liked it best the first few months I joined.
  9. Some got banned, some took off because of personal issue's and others have probably made new accounts.

    It'll be good though because we got a shitload more members then we did before. But i guess that also means there's going to be more bad apples. It'll even itself out.
  10. We should look forward to the future of grasscity.

    There's still good threads being made, and more people than ever reading them.

  11. I disagree, sir.
  12. GC was much better in 06-07


    Only old schoolers remember him
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    07-08 were the best years.

    I know it says 2010 in my details, but i had my old account deleted.

    EDIT: Back in 08 the grow forums were full of grow pictorials full of nug porn...
    Now it's just questions and pointless 3 page threads with rubbish, not a productive, informative, social place to hang.

    I get my kicks in general now.
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    agree. I don't really have many complaints, get over the bad threads and just find the good ones. It's as simple as that.
  15. So there's no possibility that anything as good as what was posted then, could be posted in the future? Nobody knows what'll happen, or what'll be posted, tomorrow.

    I see these threads on all the forums I visit and they honestly frustrate me.. sure, the past was great, and we should celebrate good memories - but that doesn't mean you shouldn't look forward to the future.

    Try to start a revival yourself.

  16. I'm really glad I've never been a member of a forum long enough to become one of those guys saying "I miss the old days".

    Shut the fuck up will ya? I'm more than awesome enough for everyone.:cool:

    I mean come on. It's discouraging when I read these threads. All I think is that I joined a dying community where everyone has lost all hope of it being cool again, "like the good old days".

    The grass is always greener on the other side, it's a scientific fact. Look at grass at an angle and it appears much greener, look straight down at it where you're standing, and you can see all the brown dirt in between the grass.

  17. He had some sick pieces.

    I forget about so many good posters.
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    Oh yeah Rasta_Man
  19. I wish some actually cool new members would join. Most of them are underage or just straight up stupid. :eek:
  20. I miss Overgrow.

    THOSE where the days...

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