Grasscity vs Facebook!

Discussion in 'General' started by X Man, May 16, 2011.

  1. Which do you like better?

    I prefer grasscity, i like talking to random people. talking too fb friends is to boring. gc is much more interesting.

    GRASSCITY FTW:metal:
  2. lmao at southpark.



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    I most likely will have both sites open at the same time. I can spend way more time on grasscity though.
  4. what the fuck!!!!
  5. me too! but most of the time i ignore fb and focus more on gc

    I just painted half of my face green and have a sword.

  7. grasscity is the bees knees
  8. Considering FB just flat out sucks and completely pointless other than knowing what someone is doing that you havent talked to in 10 years or stalking that girl you have a crush on while masturbating to her pictures in her beach album...

    Yeah I pick GC
  9. Grasscity fo sho.

    I just use Facebook to creep on past class mates and not lose contact with some people.
  10. I lol'd.

    Excellently done good sir. Cheerio.
  11. @mushy lol that wat i do.
  12. i was never really into facebook i only let 4 friends know i was on it...2 of which are exs that keep in touch 1 is my fiance who's long distance for the next fucking 12 months :mad:

    and like... facebook disabled that account tonight soooooooooooooooooooo FUCK FACEBOOK GC ALL DAY
  13. How do you get your account disabled by facebook? I've always been curious about what one would have to do to get banned, essentially, from the largest most insecure social network in history.
  14. Wait are you answering my question by implying that fapping while on facebook is an activity for which one may get banned?


  15. I'm proud to say that since I've become a GC member, I haven't been on FB.
  16. ^A true grasscity member, soon i will see moderator under your name lol
  17. Score! :gc_rocks:
  18. I just did a war-cry for real.


    brb need to tell my room-mates everything is okay
  19. Sweet they're not even here.

    Let the games begin.

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