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  1. My bandwidth is always around 10 mbps down and 1 mbps up. Other sites all load quickly. Is this a server issue? I hope this isn't the narcs. Those guys blow.

    Running latest Firefox with squeaky clean Win 7 system
  2. Please try to supply traceroute details so we can check further. It is loading pretty fast to me.
  3. I am. It's been like this since I joined tho. My high just makes it more profound.
  4. mine is random at times.

    sometimes it would be real fast.

    sometimes its real slow..

    i cant figure it out neither.
  5. Yep same here.

    Last night it was working really slow for me, but right now it's working just fine.
  6. Me too i have noticed it, it used to be very fast but now it's so slow sometimes it times out and then when i click go back and try again it double posts.

    And i know the double posting issue is happening to allot of users.
  7. I usually notice a bog down on the site as it gets a bit later in the day here, im assuming its because the east coast gets off work and hops on GC or something. But I do notice around this time it slows down a bit, but nothing extreme... takes maybe an extra second or 2 for each page to load, sometimes maybe 5 seconds....

    its also summer, so the load is much more massive than usual during the day time....

  8. Yeh i think this is the most likely answer for the problem, that and schools out for the summer and there's loads of underagers on :rolleyes::D
  9. It literally just went to where it wouldn't even load the GC Community at all for like 10 min. I have some good times where it will run super smooth then I have others where it will double post constantly and will take 10+ seconds to load a page, all other websites are fine with me.
  10. Alright guys, help GC figure it out.
    Open command prompt. Easiest way for noobs, Start Run cmd Ok. type tracert Hit Enter. Copy and past the stuff here. Block out the first few IP addresses to mask yourself somewhat. They are probably responding quick anyway.

    Looks to me like it must just be the connection overseas. Admin can confirm.
  11. If more people can supply us details it will help us a lot but when you check trace route please try to use as domain because shop and forums are on different servers

  12. Not sure if it will help, but I did it. lol
  13. Here it is again. Tracert to

  14. This same exact problem has occurred with me. I have a macbook pro and all other websites seem to be loading just fine. This slow loading shit makes it hard to get anywhere on GC
  15. I posted on the GC facebook , routine maitenence is happening today, seems ok now but I am still getting the 504 message at times .
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    I've been having the same issue, on and off, here in Australia. I assumed it was just heavy traffic. A little slow right now, but not as bad as it gets.
    Here's my tracert info:

    C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop>tracert

    Tracing route to []
    over a maximum of 30 hops:

    1 70 ms 99 ms 99 ms xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    2 28 ms 28 ms 28 ms xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    3 28 ms 27 ms 28 ms xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    4 30 ms 31 ms 32 ms xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    5 32 ms 31 ms 31 ms xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    6 39 ms 35 ms 36 ms xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    7 32 ms 32 ms 31 ms xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    8 29 ms 29 ms 29 ms xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    9 30 ms 29 ms 29 ms xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    10 177 ms 178 ms 177 ms xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    11 218 ms 217 ms 218 ms []
    12 218 ms 218 ms 250 ms []
    13 356 ms 356 ms 356 ms
    14 316 ms 315 ms 316 ms []
    15 356 ms 356 ms 356 ms
    16 357 ms 357 ms 356 ms []

    Trace complete.

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