GrassCity Terminology/Slang/Lingo for Newbies

Discussion in 'General' started by ogderp84, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. I've been reading GRass City for quite some time now... And alotbod the verbiage used here is still Greek to me. Which in turn slows the process of furthering education and knowledge as sometimes one may remain unclear of a certain term or perhaps even waiting for a response from asking what it means...only for it to never come.

    Would anyone care to start a thread sharing some of the common terms or slang that gets thrown around a lot in here? Or maybe a thread where we can ask what certain terms are and people who pop in to take a look may be able to answer quicker than a random thread... Idk just a though or idea....

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  2. Blade - male member
    Bladies - the sexy ones
    OP - that's you, because you started the thread and are the original poster.
    IF - he who must be feared.
    Troll - refer to Old School Smoker
  3. IF, I haven't even seen that one yet!

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  4. CMGarcia55 is a name you should remember. He's the coolest member on GC.
  5. You will...

    You will.

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