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    Welcome to the first of hopefully many SC2 tournaments hosted by blades, for blades, here on

    For our first tournament, upon considering what we were all looking for in a tournament, and the number of players we could get, we have decided to run a double-elimination tournament. It is explained on the linked wikipedia artical, but also put pretty clearly on our bracket below. Basically what this means is you are not eliminated from the tournament entirely until you lose twice. This way, hopefully the tournament will not be so clear cut, and even if you lose a game you can come back and progress through the bracket. While it should be explained pretty well in the wiki and in our bracket, if you have any questions on the format feel free to ask!

    A little more about the formatting, all match-ups in our tournament EXCEPT the final game, are going to be played as a BEST OF 3 match. The final game however, for the championship, will be played as a BEST OF 5.

    Once a time is decided for a match-up, players must lobby up within 20 minutes of that time. If a player is a no show, it counts as a LOSS for the no show, and a WIN for the player who gets stood up. Now I understand we're all adults and have responsibilities, but when deciding on a time PLEASE make EVERY EFFORT to show up so we can run a successful tournament!

    Results are to be reported ASAP from the completion of a match-up, so I can try to keep the bracket as up to date as possible. Please be honest, be a good sport if you lost, as it is easy for the scores to be truthfully reported and if you lie you will look like a dick to everybody. I doubt anyone will try and falsify the results in a community like this, but if there is any disputes then a screenshot or a link to the game will need to be sent to atari or NowIsB

    In the case of a disconnection (time out, lag out), the game is to be repeated, unless there is some reason to believe it was done on purpose. Again, please bring any disputes to the attention of myself or NowIsB.

    Xel'naga Caverns
    Antiga Shipyard
    Tal'darim Altar
    GSL Daybreak
    Cloud Kingdom
    Entombed Valley
    Shakuras Plateau

    Game 1 in a match-up: Player with the first name in alphabetical order will choose the map

    In subsequent games of a match-up, the loser of the previous game chooses the map.



    Please refer to the following to better contact your opponents:
    gc name - username - character code
    atari - BenAffleck - 645
    nowisb - LifeLine - 770
    terrythetoker - Caesar - 984
    edibles - Pocmin - 992
    xiggyD - CcD - postcharactercodeplease
    JuanRing - SDJohn - 950
    DrazyHaze - MCWhiteHaze - 627
    the3amjunkie - the3amjunkie -

    Also, feel free to join the channel Grasscity while in game.

    Thank you so much for helping us make this happen, and everyone have fun and play hard!

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    added a live-updated bracket, i'll update the graphical one eventually but this one can be faster to update :)
  3. If it's not too much trouble, do you guys mind saving all your replays from the tournament? I would love to be able to download a GCSL replay pack, lol.
  4. ill be sure to do it for my games
  5. Can i play when the next tourney is held? :smoke:
  6. Now MCWhiteHaze and Ceasar need to get a move on. :smoke:

  7. yup :) we are probably gonna make this a regular thing

    yeah ahah, ceasar (terrythetoker) said he's probably away for most of the weekend, but i'm sure he'll get on it as soon as he can. i'll be doing my matches vs pocmin tonight most likely
  8. what are the players ladder ranks?

  9. Can't speak for anyone else, but I'm high platinum.
  10. I hover around high Bronze myself. The tournaments just for fun, so we're really not paying attention to leagues. Hell, the guy who put this together(well one of them at least) is fresh out of Practice league.
  11. I feel like I have an unfair advantage because I've been playing since release, on and off.
  12. I definitely dont play ladder enough to of had a better chance in those games.

    But imma replay you next time i see you on
  13. crap, i missed sign up.

    subscribed for the next one.
  14. Is this thing advancing at all? I played my first set at least a week ago.
  15. yeah idk i can't make people play their games, i've bumped threads and PMd people but it all comes down to them actually doing it in the end. this things been plagued by commitment issues from the start
  16. What about all these latecomers who say they want to join the next one? Why not just chuck them in this one if people are gonna flake off.

    I get what you mean about commitment, what it comes down to is its hard to generate interest without any kind of prize pool.
  17. how about a 420 single day tournament? with everyone chipping in a few bucks, just to get this thing starts, generate our own prize pool.

  18. We should have an original sc tournament. I played that everyday for 13 years.

  19. No way I suck at original starcraft. Imagine having to manually select each worker to mine. Barbarians :cool:
  20. This is just terribly organized, has nothing to do with commitment bro. Go on one of those tournament sites and set it up with a time and date and make it so people hav to "check in" and see the bracket so they're responsible for findin their opponent. It's how all SC2 matches are held.

    I'm currently rank 1 plat facing mostly diamonds on ladder. I will be promoted soon! Woo.

    Feels good. Anyhow, I offer free coaching and replay analysis to lower league players to help better their play.

    If interested, catch me on SC2 at MCWhiteHaze code 627 get at me.

    And to the Op, send me a PM or hit me up on SC2 and I'll help you organize a real tournament with a larger base of players.

    GL and HF

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