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Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by livingsoul, Sep 24, 2010.

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    May this be comprehensible enough:

    I believe I have discovered the issue with regard to the threads and posts of this forum being perceived as other than representing 'high quality'

    such issue seemingly has to do with different types of 'lifestyle'

    Different types of 'lifestyle' :
    - one based upon marijuana
    - one based upon spirituality

    This spirituality forum is seemingly more designed for those who practice a 'marijuana lifestyle'
    Those who practice such 'lifestyle' - who seek to further their lifestyle by seeking some sort of spirituality - probably check of the Spirituality forum and post there

    This forum seems to be other than specifically designed for those who practice a 'spirituality lifestyle'
    Those who practice such 'lifestyle' - who seek to further their lifestyle by implementing marijuana - perhaps have arrived at this 'marijuana' forum to check it and perhaps post there

    The difference basically is the direction:
    Group A: Marijuana -> Spirituality
    Group B: Spirituality -> Marijuana is basically about marijuana - thus do to the nature and structure of the forum revolving around marijuana - this spirituality forum is seemingly more designed for and / or more accessed by 'Group A'

    I definitely belong more in 'Group B' - however I have yet to find a better forum and there are some worthwhile posts and threads on this forum as well

    Referencing perhaps at least some of those within 'Group A' and also those who simply practice a marijuana lifestyle - I suppose it can be seen from the different quality of posts that those who implement marijuana are not necessarily spiritual nor does marijuana necessarily increase a persons spirituality

    Though I belonging more within 'Group B' find my spirituality can be enhanced with the implementation of marijuana
  2. Marijuana gives you a more open mind.
    So it's easier to discuss spiritual topics, specially because with an open mind you can understand or at least take in account other people's views.

  3. Marijuana may give you more of an open mind, but for a lot of people including me, I didn't need to smoke Marijuana to have an open mind.

    I know these forums are all based on Marijuana and don't get me wrong I do like my green, but I just wish that there was more to this forum than just that. But this is the only forum I can find that's really good. I just wish there was more to it.
  4. I judge post quality in general by how thoughtful the post is, although in other forums I may have other criteria (humor is always a plus). I don't care much for distracting posts, they seem self-serving. If someone gets cornered, and then goes on posting bravado trying to cover it up, I'm not happy. It's okay to admit you're wrong, the ground won't open beneath your feet and swallow you up. But when people can't admit they're cornered, I'll still respect them more if they just stop posting than if they go on acting like a smartass trying to look superior.

    In here especially, sometimes the answer to my question is just going to be: there is no way I can explain it to you under the standards you are using to understand it. It doesn't answer my question, but I'll live with that. Especially if it comes after you've answered a lot of my questions and we've had a good discussion.
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    Probably similar to your statement - from my perspective - my mind and my being upon implementing marijuana seem to result with enhanced expansiveness

    I may attempt to search for a 'Spirituality' Forum which has a 'Marijuana' / 'similar type substance' sub forum

    if there is such a place - there could be a worthwhile place to post - or at least could offer a different perspective similar to perhaps the perspective we are seeking

    open minded posters are perhaps much more pleasant to 'converse' with via posting
  6. I'm not just talking about spirituality though either. I love the concept of this forum and everything, I just wish it wasn't just based upon Green is all. :)

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