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Discussion in 'General' started by Zeke335, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. The first time I tried these I was knocked for hours. But today (2 weeks later) I hardly felt a thing what going on here how long do you have to wait between trips to feel the same effect! I think 2 months might do it but I don't know.

    I think I'm gonna order again and wait till x-mas day to do them
  2. ive done shrooms 4 days apart and i was fucked up both times..maybe the 2nd time you got some shitty shrooms, or you didnt eat enough

  3. Maybe they were crappy well I'm just gonna order again, I know site that do them at whole sale prices but they don't have the option to simply pay buy Credit card you have to use Western uinion or other payment methods. SO I'll just order from GC and hope for the best
  4. Yeah, the tolerance for shrooms only stays in your system for about a week or so at most.
  5. you gotta remember you are poisoning your body each time you eat them. just take it easy, 2 trips in a week is a bit much, try cutting back to maybe 2 trips within 3-4 weeks or within a month, you will not only have better trips, but you will not have a toxic buildup in your body.
  6. i'm pretty sure ive read on wikipedia/erowid that shrooms arent poisonous..sure you might get a bad shroom that is poisonous but the hallucinogen isnt
  7. Yeah, richardmanhamer, psilocybin isnt a poison, it merely tricks your briain into thinking its recieving more seratonin, thus the increased happiness, and visuals.
  8. could it have been that I did the shrooms in the morning after I stayed up late and had lots to eat before I slept?
  9. how do shrooms effect your body if taken too much? ive never tried it
  10. It made my mind go crazy if you've read my other post then you know I have a mental condition, it turns reall intresting on mushrooms. The Buffy Visions kept happening and she started acting like my girlfriends and I was broken down by it all it was a very unique thing
  11. of course they are not posionous per se, however they will cause your body to have poison like effects, such as vomiting, nausea, and general abdominal discomfort due to the fungus nature. I'm sure that eating too many would cause some sort of overdose poison like reaction although I haven't any fact on this. Unlike weed where you could eat 20 lbs and never die from it, I am fairly certain that is not the case with fungus psilocybin.
  12. ^nah, it's also pretty much physically impossible to od on shrooms as well.
  13. ^^ Nah... It is possible to have some sort of reaction similar to an OD on shrooms, if not die from shrooms. But not like weed tho :):smoke:
  14. ^well slap my ass and call me sally... i coulda sworn shrooms were damn near impossible to overdose on.

  15. No it is impossible to overdose on psilocybin/psilocin mushrooms. One would have to consume their own body weight in mushrooms to die. However, that does not speak for the mental aspects of consuming too much. One could easily flip their lid if too many mushrooms are consumed.

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