grasscity should do a macro photo contest

Discussion in 'Bud Shots' started by 0calli, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. hello out there :wave: was just experiencing higher thinking and came up with the idea that grasscity should hold a contest for macro bud shots hair shots etc.

    what do you think ? :confused:






  2. hello fukn anybody out there geeez
  3. hello big ugly face :hi:
  4. those buds look good. different strains i am assuming?
    the macros are nice looking man. what kinda camera you using?
  5. they are white widdow and ak-48 both mine and the cam is an ipod touch with a cd player lens i took apart for they work awesome lol a diy from online very simple you just need a cd player thats no good and you have to mount it some way thats all
  6. I agree with your idea. I think an official bud shot contest would be fun, but someone has to set it up hah :smoking:
    To see who has the most juciest mouthwatering macro shot!!!:p:D:p:D
  7. i def agree mabe ill contact a moderator and see what they say
  8. I just made one of those lenses from my ps1, it's fucking cool!
  9. i know they are so much fun lol:hello:
  10. macro of condensation

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  11. is that a self made macro if soo try to move it closer to the lens it will take away that tunnel view
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    I had it as close as possible but I think if I zoom in on the camera a tad it will take it away.
  13. I like the idea of this thread.

    420th post.
  14. Forget the contest just start posting your best macros here
  15. Mosquito. Guess the resin is doing it's job.?.?

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  16. Mosquito

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    Now you don't have to tilt your head and look goofy

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