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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Xxitslethal, Nov 16, 2011.

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  1. Can't load, hasn't been able to for about a week or 2, tried on firefox and google chrome, any suggestions?
  2. Clicked it, just stays loading.
  3. This is weird as hell, it's happening to a lot of people to, i cant help thinking that maybe i dunno a coding error, or it's being blocked at certain locations or browsers. :confused:
  4. I'm leaning towards locations/internet providers. I've got comcast in south jersey
  5. Try a proxy, maybe there doing some kind of censorship wait, that would mean they would block the forums hmm weird, or maybe they just don't want you buying pharifinalia, or maybe i'm just hogh and wrong :D :confused: keep changing your browser. And try at a friends house ??
  6. I thought about the possibility of blocking it because of paraphernalia, but I can go on other paraphernalia sites?

  7. Yeh it's most likely just something wrong with GC at the moment. I'm sure Gnik will come save the day like he always does :D
  8. When i ask ping , it doesn't mean clicking the link.

    Please start command prompt on your pc and type following and paste the result please

    ping -c5
  9. So why is it that I am getting the ads again at the top of the page? thought when I became paid member this would stop? Some sort of glitch, maybe?
  10. Discount banners about Grasscity Shop was always visible to each member group and will continue to be visible on each member group in future.
  11. OK, but why didn't I see it after joining, until now? Is it because of it being a discounted sale? Will it stop again after this sales promotion? Maybe I missed something, but when I became a paid member I thought part of the deal was no ads?
  12. Those banners are NOT ad's . They are notices. Ad's are displayed differently. These banners will be displayed if a promotion is going on within Grasscity Shop. When the promotion is done , banner will be gone.
  13. Thank you for your answer. I can accept that the banner ad is not really an ad? However, Paid members ought to be able to opt out. Kind of pisses me off that the banner [not ad] is shoved in my face every time I go to top of page. Still feel this is misleading. No offense intended to you, gnik, I know you probably don't have control over these things.
  14. We are sorry but it is not an arguement. As the question has also been answered i am closing this thread.
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