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Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by burri121, May 5, 2011.

  1. I ordered the weed-star connector for an ashcartcher like 10 days ago,, is it definitely going to come,if so how much longer.. it was like 20 bucks not sweating the money but i want to hit my Toro circ t/c
  2. ordered my weedstar piece from here march 15th and still nothing
  3. ^ burn. shipping from outta country blows!

    and why order a weed star for a toro?
  4. Ordered a biohazard bong around 2 weeks ago. I check everyday to see if it's been shipped. It hasn't. I had a support ticket, no, two support tickets to switch my order and a email sent and a week passed without any communication so I said fuck it.

    Just sent a email asking to be confirmed about my order and that it hasn't gotten forgotten about lol.
  5. if it takes more than 3 weeks after its been shipped something went wrong...seeing post like these making me think twice before I order from here again
  6. Ya I probably wouldn't unless you see a really good deal. My experience so far has been lacking in customer service. Could just be the past few weeks though. Who knows.

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