Grasscity shop unreachable?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Vetenari, Nov 27, 2011.

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    I've been trying to get into the shop for a few days now,but no luck.
    Normally i use firefox,to exclude browserproblems also tried google chrome and even (reluctantly!:p )started up the IE.
    No luck with any of those sadly though.:(
    I'm in Europe,maybe that has some connection?
    If not already known FYI!
    And if known,is there any possible known solution to the problem on my end?
  2. It works fine here.

    Try flushing your dns. (type ipconfig /flushdns in command prompt)
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    try emailing them or calling them? they have a phone number i think.

    also they are Europe based, don't see why that would make any difference though.

    edit: no phone, email is though.
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    Edit :
    Whatever the problem is,it's definitely an error at my end,i tried from another PC and it worked fine there!
    Still not sure,what's causing the problem on my own PC yet,if i find out,i'lll edit accordingly,
    That way there might be at least some usefulness to this topic.
    End Edit

    Thank you both for the replies!
    Here's the part where i confess to being an older dude,with limited computerskills/savvy.:eek:
    Doing things in command prompt,has me worried as i wouldn't be sure of the possible bad consequences and how to reverse or solve possible resulting issues.
    I do have NoScript and Adblock Plus,but even when i turn these off completely,the page just keeps trying to load without succeeding.
    I only have the problem with the grasscityshop,nowhere else,so thought it might be error with the site instead of me doing something wrong.
    But as stated,the error could very well be on my end,so i'll keep trying some things.

    I could of course get in touch via e-mail,but i just wanted to browse the shop,to see if there's something i want/need.
    There very likely is plenty to my liking,but in the rare case there isn't,i didn't want to give them extra work for nothing and hoped it might be easily recognizable/solvable via the forum.
    I'll keep plodding along and hopefully will find the answer eventually.:)
    Thanks again!

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