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Grasscity Shop Review : Black Leaf Blue Dragon : MANY PICS & VIDEOS

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by zxzDarkCloudzxz, May 16, 2010.

  1. who me? i didnt mean to hijack if its me your talkin about i was just showing off my blackleaf to him cause he likes that blue dragon. and i thought he would like this :D not trying to steal thunder by no means.
  2. How long have you had the bong? Any trouble with it ever?
  3. at least a month.
    the only trouble i see is the removable base.
    sometimes, it drips out the bottom.
    nothing a small napkin couldnt take care of.
    also its very convenient for it to be rubber and not glass.
    i can smack it anywhere i want without worry lol
  4. Do those glass beads really help with diffusion? What if you were to use them even if you had a diffused downstem already...?
  5. yes they do. i use a diffy in another tube that also has beads in it.
    the chugg is virtually eliminated
    light and airy which can be seen in this video:
    it pulls just like you hear.
    [ame=]YouTube - Black Leaf Bong(2) ![/ame]
    check out the bubble stackage seen mainly becuse of the diffy/stone combination. with out the diffy, it wouldnt work efficiently
    hell, i even put stones in the a/c sometimes.
  6. Loving all the new pics man, great job. Will +rep you once I've got more to give out!
  7. 30 BUCKS?!?!? SHIPPED???!?!?!?! im gettin one
  8. Thanks to this thread they're out of stock!

    Awesome review though, I'm definatly thinking about getting one. Only bad thing about it is the carbhole, so I'll have to get a cork for it.

  9. Definitely a sweet deal for $30. To anyone without a bong: make this your first tube!
  10. Yo OP what was the shipping like for you? How long and what did the box look like? I ordered mine about a week and a half ago but have never ordered anything from GC before..
  11. I'm going to have to check those glass marbles/beads. I bet it makes the smoke even more filtered. Nice pickup by the way, bro.
  12. Uhhggg. I want mine to get here soo bad.
  13. Can't wait for mine to come. Thanks OP
  14. when u get it, post it up! do u have an ashcatcher to pair it with?
  15. Ordered it today :hello: only 36$ with shipping, can't wait to milk it/:bongin:
  16. Blackleaf puttin in the work!
    thank you for the kind words =)
  17. get some $20 glass known!!!
    this tube rips!
    I lessthanthree my Blackleafs

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