grasscity shop question...baught a steamroller!!

Discussion in 'General' started by dankknugg, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. ok so i just baught a new steamroller off of the grasscity shop
    [​IMG]'s beautiful
    anyway...i live in the US (massachusetts) and the pipe is getting shipped from AMSTERDAM. i'm kinda sketchy about sending cash so far away, since i don't have a credit card, and i was jw if any one has experience about like buying this kinda shit from so far that i know that someones not gonna just steel my money and i wont get ripped off..thanks

    peace everyone
  2. Why don't you haul ass into Boston and go to Sugar Daddies (18+) or the Hempest (All Ages).

    PM me if you want to know more...

    Oh yah, you're money is safe with GC, I would not trust the international mailing system...
  3. No guarentees if your sending money in the mail. If the money gets to GC successfully, you will recieve your item.
  4. i live in chicago, i've only been to boston once, never been to any headshop in boston, but all the glass that gets posted on this forum from sugar daddy's is sick, i reccomend you check them out first...i don't trust the international mailing system, although several people have received things from GC
  5. Money order?
  6. You can get money orders at 7-11 for a buck!
  7. dude that is a really fucking sick steamroller.
  8. how much is that

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