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  1. I ordered a bong on Nov.17 from here and then they emailed me telling me it shipped around Nov.23, so i was just wondering how long it would take to get to Texas? btw it was standard shipping also.
  2. I ordered an AC like a week ago.. I haven't gotten a confirmation email yet :*[
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    Regardless of when it gets shiped, it seems getting it through customs is the most problematic. Mine was shiped 16, cleared Netherland customs, and I believe arrived at Canadian customs on the 21st. It's still there...

    And apparently there is no way to get info on items being processed by customs. I heard a lot of stories of shipping taking very long periods of time. Since, I think, almost everything comes from Netherlands, it's easy to assume it can take easily up to 3 or 4 weeks I guess. Like the website says 7 to 21 BUSINESS days. :(

    I listen to the song; "I'll be home for Christmas..." and I weep. :S
  4. Update on my shipping;

    Got notice from Post Canada that my article just arrived in Canada! (Not that I'm super happy, since the custom thing might delay it as I mentioned above.)

    So far my timestamps say that;

    - Took 2 business days for them to process my order (Package and send)
    - Took 2 business days for it to be sent to Netherlands customs, processed/approved and shipped outbound for Canada.
    - Took 6 business days for it to arrive in Canada.

    Hopefully customs won't fuck around with for too long and MAYYYYYBEBEBE It'll get to my place by Friday. The city it's in is really not far from where I live. So...

    Anyways, I just wanted to give you some actual time figures based on my current experience.


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