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  1. Hello fellow stoners. I noticed that this forum community seems to be full of really nice and like minded people. The forum is also a big help sometimes. Honestly wish I would have joined it earlier. This post is really just me introducing myself to the community. I've been a stoner for a long since I was about 14. I only smoke the herb now. I try myself to be a positive and kind person who's considerate of others. Also a big reason I decided to join this community is to get opinions on a story I decided to start. So far I've only had positive opinions from people but any opinion is greatly appreciated. If youd like to read a small excerpt from a scene I pieced together I would really appreciate it. I'll put the link.


    If you take the time to read it and leave your honest opinion I love you and appreciate it. Stay elevated and have a wonderful day man!
  2. I tried commenting on your story earlier but I think a mod deleted or moved it off the site?
    the link doesn't work for me... and I had originally wrote like a page response to it and I
    refuse to re-write it again lol
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    Sadly I reviewed the guidelines after I posted as I had not realized that you guys had put guidelines. I apologize for that. I just figured things retaining to other illicit drugs would be tolerated. I understand why you guys don't, keeping the community nice. Also, thank you for notifying me why you removed it!
  4. Great, my phone bugged out :l.

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