grasscity REALLY needs a strainbase!

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  1. the thing i'm most interested about in the entire cannabis universe is the one thing grasscity pretty much ignores... strain info and SMOKE REPORTS in particular. it's really tough to get the lowdown on sativa dominant strains in particular or lesser known strains like crown royal.

    this forume really needs a section for smoke reports ands/or grow reports. right now info is scattered between seasoned tokers, seed banks & medical use etc. this forum could really use a dedicated forum that's about nothing but what all of the varieties are like to help people decide for their shopping lists.

    i know from experience that trying to find info on the strains i was interested in was looking for a needle in a haystack and even when i could find info on sativa dominant strains, everyone would totally ignore the smoke reports and just concentrate on describing their grow and taking pictures of it. sorry, but you just can't smoke a picture!

    it's about time SOMEONE FINALLY covers the most important thing in the world... how each variety smokes. how it tastes, what sort of effects it has and so on and NOT the idiotic
    head vs. body high
    potentcy scale
    as marijuana is much more complex than that and good potewnt sativas DO have a REAL body high. indicas DON'T they have a body STONE. getting high gives your body a light floating feeling.

    i hate it that you just can't go anywhere and find out what SMOKING each strain is like.

    PLEASE (this is the 2nd time i've asked) centralize strain info and ENCOURAGE people to describe highs IN DETAIL and not rate them on an arbitrary scale that really says NOTHING.

    take "pinecone tha"i vs. kali mist. both are total sativa dominant, but the hioghs are EXTREMELY different. the thai is potent and very trippy. it can induce paranoia OR be euphoric. it's clear headed and energetic, but smoking all day can cause couchlock. kali mist on the other hand isn't trippy, but is extremely energetic and euphoric.

    if a smoke report rating system were to be any good, it would need to cover ALL of the variables that make different strains smoke different
    instant vs. creeper
    length of high
    tolerance buildup
    spacey & confusing vs. clear headed
    couchlock vs. energy level
    auditory & visual trippiness
    cough inducing
    euphoria levels

    THAT'S how you describe strains and i'm sure there are a few more effects either i can't remember or have never experienced. this is the info that shouldn't be impossible to find. it should be easy to compare strains side by side. a simple head vs. body rating (or no info at all) sucks rotten eggs.

    it's really a shame that one has to search outside of grasscity hit or miss style for good info. one person created a nice sticky lamenting the loss of the overgrow strainguide (which has huge gaps in info and poor smoke reporting) but that info has been preserved at
    i emailed a mod about adding this to the sticky

    a smaller strainbase similar to overgrow for more opinions

    UK420's strain talk is a mixed bag of smoke & grow reports, but it covers ALOT of strains

    and some OTHER useful comparison & info links that weren't included in the sticky include
    cannabis cup results from 1989 to 2004

    smokers guide (a modest resource for marijuana and hash smoke reports)

    planet ganja smoke reports, small, but helpful for sure!

    please add these hand links to the seasoned toker's sticky or even better, create a forum just for strains and i'd be happy to repost them there.

    as it stands now, i'm going to PM this list to myself so i can find it in the future when people are blindly looking for strain info.
  2. Good suggestion... I think that we have one in the making (not sure though)... I'll let the higher-ups know about this thread and see what they think :)
  3. I'll hand the suggestion off to SJ. :)
  4. cool!

    even when i'm not looking to add new strains to my collection, window shopping and learning more about different strains is alot of fun, and a great help when one considers getting into breeding eg. i'd like to try and breed a superior version of skunk #1 that's based on trippier strains. the SK1 i smoked wasn't trippy at all and was more like a couchlocking indica.

    i was thinking of something along the lines of
    (troublemaker X lien huanh) X malawi gold possibly X burmese
    or something like that. smoke & grow reports help find those special strains one might not be familiar with for sure

    thanks for your time and consideration folks :D
  5. yeah I think this would be a great thing to add to the forum, i personally would love something like this.
  6. just got a PM from the wikistrain webmaster about updating that site.

    he stated about the same thing i've thought for years... getting people to provide QUALITY info about strains is like pulling teeth. most people will only describe a bud in the vaguest, most useless terms like "this shit is da bomb!"

    WTF does that mean? weed has alot of variables and different people like different things. i despise couchlock while alot of people prefer it.

    i WISH i had more experience with named varieties so i could report first hand about strains other than kali mist & durban poison. i have no idea what the true genetics of the stuff that was called thai really were, so i can't count that. it was like smelling pinecones and didn't have the sickly sweet flavor genereally associated with thai. it might have actually been mexican genetics as i've seen sativas with mexican genetics having pinecone odors.

    the bottom line though is ANY strainbase is only as good as it's contributions.

    i'd love it if ALL of the many MJ forums collaborated on getting all of their members to visit ONE central strain base for the maximum number of contributors.

    sadly, the best info usually available is a product description which i don't particularly trust as it's a salespitch and often even those suck eg
    "this weed takes you to a new level of existence where you're in touch with the cosmos and feel in tune with it's infinite vibrations"
    WTF does THAT mean?!!! LOL
  7. i could possibly be interested in working on this. i have php and sql experience. if this is something the admins are interested in but perhaps are not sure how to implement feel free to pm me. i might have ideas :)
  8. i'll pass it on, i'm sure the webmaster would appreciate all the help they can get

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