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Discussion in 'General' started by illcid, Aug 23, 2003.

  1. A preach about why MJ should be legalized.

    Can somebody post a small but effective way in telling people why marijuana should be legalized and facts about why it should. Like a good preach, so then you can make it a sticky and have it where people can copy and paste it all around the internet community! Just needs good wording and really makes the reader think "MJ isnt all that bad, as I thought". I would really appreciate it.

    thansk guys.
  2. well, first of all marijuana has never solely killed anyone. the only negative affects it has is the impairment of your driving (can be either negative or positive really). it can cause NAS in babies when the mom is pregnant with them. the positive effects are it can be used for paper (instead of our forests), oil, clothing, etc... it can help with some diseases such as epilepsy, aids, MS, etc... it is a much safer alternative to alcohol. it doesnt kill 1200 people a day like tobacco. and i cant remember to much right now...did i mention it can damage your short and long term memory?
  3. umm... its fun.. and no bad effects.. short term memory is fun!

  4. actually i read that it has. some unlucky bastard had a couple hundred pounds, all packed in brick form, fall on him. i think it mustve fallen out of a truck or somethin

  5. That's probably the only fact the DEA has about the dangers of marijuana.

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