Grasscity prices vs. Glass manufacturers prices

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  1. I found the bong that I've been searching for..about a foot tall, perc, ice notches, no carb hole, ash catcher, and most!

    But before ordering I decided to look for the same piece on other sites in order to get the best value. I came to find the same exact bong on the Black Leaf website for only €30/$40 as opposed to the $67 one from grasscity.

    Why the big price gap? Is this site not a reliable headshop? Is the black leaf site not reliable? Who knows!?
  2. One is euro, other is dollar. Equivalent of that would be ~40USD, still a pretty big gap though.
    I'd also like to hear a little on this.
  3. If you use the coupon code its about the same price, plus the shipping is cheaper and guaranteed/insuranced for delivery, not sure if
    that is the case buying direct .   The shipping charge was much more than grasscity, almost double more. 
  4. I calculated the costs with shipping included...
    Grasscity.....$87.21 with coupon code.....$66.96
    Black Leaf...$84.....62€

    So after shipping the prices are about equal, but if I order this weekend using the promo code then Grasscity will be the cheaper option by about $17. Still confused about this big price gap tho so if anyone has an answer it's appreciated.
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    My brother bought a couple pieces of the weedstar site and it actually arrived in like five days plus it was like 30-40 less than gc. Idk if black leaf site is similar but I doubt any online retailer could be slower than gc when it comes to shipping. I would assume gc is more expensive because they're a secondary seller whereas black leaf's website is a primary seller but I'm not positive.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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