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Discussion in 'General' started by Bud Head, Nov 13, 2001.

  1. Due to Yahooka being down more and more and all the time, I have noticed that the number of post here is on the rise.

    I am still not able to get in to Yahooka. I haven't herd from anyone who can say hwo long it will be down. So I guess Grasscity will be on the rise for a long time.

    Grasscity deserves to be congradulated for having a board that really works.

    Does anyone else agree??
  2. Ok...kidding. I love it here!
  3. Indeed a well run ship here. So Mr. Superjoint, how ya feelin now big guy? Your little joint here is approaching 1000 members! I told ya back when ya first remodeled the boards you was gonna be big. Of course, when I hacked Yahooka it probably helped!;)



    Superjoint, when this place really takes off you're not gonna do a Lunairia on us are you? Presto, disappearo? I probably better shut up before I get myself in trouble.

    Congrats and thank you for a kickass stoner hangout!
  4. Yes we are here and I really don't mind the"filtered" element that came with the walk here...I'm sure some of you agree.

    I have tried as well to get into Yahooka site,to no avail. I will always stop in at Yahooka for the diversity it brings,and I as well feel we all can provide a contribution here at GrassCity,

    My hat tips to superjoint, as well as the others involved in this that is GrassCity..........peace........and burn one...

  5. what are post! what are you talking about? i was just trying to take my mind off lunaria and her broken cd player!i know i aint typeing as much here on grasscity! i am shy! you know meating new paper!but ill get on track soon, i hope!tazz11
  6. Hail to the Cheif---SuperJoint.

    SuperJoint- just the way i like to smoke it.

  7. So are you working for Grasscity? Maybe you just got fed up with Yahooka? Let us know when you are going to strike again Mr. Ripper. And I thought you were a nice guy from Oaklahoma.

    Just how much did you get paid for hacking Yahooka. I hope it was worth it.

    I'm starting to act like BPP. I gotta quit it.

    Peace all
  8. But!

    Look I'm happy if you are happy, I just made the board, but you make it alive. I'm glad everybody finds a space to put his mind on digital paper, like you can do at the grasscity forums. Off course I'm glad the postings are up, but like I said before, I realy feel with yahooka, it was always a roll model for us when we started, and I realy hope they can fix things. I know I would feel competelty helpless if all our posting would be destroyed. It's like a library with knowledge being erased. It would be a disaster, I hope we can be a "shelter" for yahooka members, everybody is welcome, but feel free to return "home" when your house will be repaired, only hope then you come visit me once in a while :)

    Peace to you all I care for you people!

  9. well haveing two homes is better than one as we have seen!grasscity is my summer home ,yahooka my winter,both are dear to my heart and soul!tazz11

  10. There's nothing wrong with acting like me. Smart, tall, handsome, well-spoken. Sounds like all the traits any man needs. Probably my only fault is that I'm just too modest.
  11. i feel sadden by your post, others have made waves in your pond!you remind me of the lady in the lake ,in she is know to be there and there she be ! not to share what and who taught her, just beneight the darkend water! two pebbel drops in to the water,she crys in pain ,the waves have caught her! sleep into your deepy mist,i well walk past your not on my list!

  12. I don't think you are a bad person. I just don't think Grasscity is ready for two people who act the way you do!
    Modest?? No one from bama is modest? Smart assed maybe.

    Peace to ya. I may need the swamp, Excuse me "wetlands" in may.
  13. Rainman (tazz11 :)

    Amanita is cool and a very peace loving and important member of grasscity. Just to avoid clashes her. Rainman is new to the site, but critter and roach told me to be nice to him because he also is an valued member from yahooka. Let's keep talking here, talking to each other is the most important thing in life. If there is no communicating between people we might as well stop living!

    peace to all and be kind to each other (do I hear Jerry Springer talking :) )

  14. posting has been on the rise for sure:hello:
  15. From what I hear, the agencies want to pool all the criminals onto one site, for easy operations.

    JK, I think there are more and more stoners being born everyday.
  16. God damn...where the fuck did you find this?
  17. buzz, you brought back a thread that was 7 years old...7 fuckin years, id bet some of the people who posted in this thread arent even alive anymore.
  18. thread revival FTW.

    Thanks Superjoint for the most excellent forum dude! Grasscity is a great place to hang for sure.:)

  19. idk how i found it bud i thought it was worth it:cool:
  20. I wwould personally like to take credit for any recent posting rise :D

    ANd shit 7 years?

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