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  1. hi i cant seem to find my gallery, how do i go about finding it? i checked member galleries but it does not provide a search.

  2. See where it says your user name on the top of the screen, just off to the right from the middle? It gives the option to pull a drop down menu. Click your name, and towards the bottom right of the panel you can click 'My Gallery'. :)
  3. i tried to take a screenshot of the drop down menu but im on a laptop and i dont know how, anyway i dont see any my gallery link?
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    If you don't see it there, try going to the Photo Gallery (to the right of the GrassCity Forum drop down at the top of the page) and uploading an image and then refresh the page and see if that link appears. 
  5. i uploaded a photo and it did upload but i wanted to put it in my album with all my other pics, after i uploaded it i checked the drop down menu and theres still no my gallery link.
  6. It must look a little different if you're not on a phone :)
     Another way some people can access their photo albums (I can't personally access mine this way, but that hasn't been an issue since the below is faster), is if you go to your profile, then choose from the content selections going down the left side... it goes from 'Overview', to 'Profile Feed', and 'Likes'..... the second or third option from the bottom is 'Gallery'. :)
  7. You can also click My Profile in the drop down menu and then the "Gallery" link on the left, from there you can click on a picture and there will be a link to the rest of your gallery in the info on the right. 
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    Kind of a roundabout way of doing it, but I have no idea why that link isn't showing in your drop down menu. Maybe ask about it in the Bugs thread.

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