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Discussion in 'General' started by Superjoint, Mar 27, 2011.

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    We had some upgrade regarding some code optimization, we would like to know how everybody experiences the loading speed of the pages and threads while browsing the forums, thanks for your feedback.

    All other feedback regarding current performance, please post in this thread.

  2. I voted fast, because its not slow( anymore with all the broken pages)

    but it hasnt given me problems at all

    good looks SJ and staff :smoke:
  3. Everything has been running smooth lately. [​IMG]

  4. roger that
  5. i've noticed a considerable consistent faster load speed
  6. Very fast compared to other forums, could be faster though I suppose. Definitely noticed an improvement though.
  7. lightning speed.
  8. I voted fast, the changes definately did some good
  9. even if this website was slow (wich it aint) i would still come here as much.. I love this place... slow medium or fast GC rules regardless!!
  10. When I had that problem with the shop I thought the mods and were strate bitches.... But now I realize wasup..... I appreciate the city
  11. It's average loading on my iPod. On the computer, it's fast.
  12. I'll say fast. Also it's been a long time since I can remember any timeout errors or anything like that

  13. The mods r safe!! trust id put my grow in there hands walk away come back in a few months and have more weed than id know what to do with!! i cant say that about any 1 i know out here in the real world!!

  14. do you use the new grasscity app? or regular access via safari?
  15. Faster on computer, same speed on Iphone using safari, don't use the new GC app because it wasn't updating pages, I would sign on on my PC and there would be posts I missed in threads that it jumped me to in subscribed, sometimes it will just load a blank page in place of the thread.

    I don't want to put these issues on the gc app though, ignore them if no one else reports problems as it could just be my provider.
  16. It's been ripping for me recently, over the past two weeks it was wishy washy but much better now.

    Superjoint it would be awful to get negative rep from you.
  17. I just started using the app yesterday (got my first iphone) and I don't recall getting frustrated at the loading speeds:laughing:..not as fast as on my computer obviously..but a good speed.
  18. I have a great setup. But i have never had a problem with the forum.
  19. Do you find when checking your subscribed threads on the app, it will jump you to a point in the thread where you have missed a few posts?
  20. I think it's decent...waddia want for free people.

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